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You Can Now Travel to Murree in Just Rs. 100

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has officially launched a shuttle bus service between Islamabad and Murree. The move is aimed at facilitating the tourists who throng the hill station throughout the year.

According to the details, the shuttle service runs from Bhara Kahu to Lower Topa. A bus departs from the terminal every 90 minutes. Each passenger is charged Rs. 100 for a one-way trip.

Children aged under 12 and citizens over 65 years of age are able to travel for free. Meanwhile, citizens have lauded the CDA for providing them with an affordable travel facility.

Speaking in this regard, Chairman CDA Captain (r) Muhammad Usman Younis said that the shuttle service also aims to reduce traffic on Murree Expressway during peak tourist seasons.

This isn’t the first time a shuttle bus service between Murree and Islamabad has been launched. Previously, the Punjab government launched a similar initiative in July 2022.

During Eid-ul-Azha last year, the provincial government operated 15 buses between Islamabad and Murree. Tourists were charged Rs. 100 for a one-way ticket a year ago.

  • Can tourists bring bags and possibly stay in Lower Topa? What about the return options?

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        • I don’t agree that People od X city are bad and people of Y city are good. We are all Pakistani and Muslims. We shouldn’t get divided like this. Murree actually gets over crowded with tourists in peak summer and winter, this city can’t be compared with any other tourist city (of Pakistan) where very few tourists visit. Obviously when there is high demand of something and supply is limited price will go up. I have seen the same in Naran and Swat last year.

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  • Is this return ticket is available and if make bookings online so that travelers will not wait. From Lower topa to mall road is their any solution/option.

  • What is the terminal name from where the bus starts and what about lower topa to Islamabad route.

  • Highly appreciated decision for saving money and minimising trafficking with easily accessible to citizens wants to enjoy season

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  • Many Thnx to the management of CDA this helpful for Tourists and the people who don’t have the Access Amazing step in the favour of country men.

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