HEC Launches Performance Reviews of Universities

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has launched performance reviews of universities to ensure that higher education institutions (HEIs) are complying with its quality guidelines.

HEC’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is empowered to conduct performance reviews of HEIs. The reviews revolve around the Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE), which is one of the key components of QAA.

The IPE is further divided into different categories. All of them are used to review the effectiveness of teaching and learning as well the overall institutional development.

These categories are mission statement and goals planning and evaluation; organization and governance; integrity; faculty; students; institutional resources; academic program and curricula; public disclosure and transparency; assessment and quality assurance; and student support service.

Earlier this week, the HEC directed all public and private universities to implement the Teacher Education Roadmap (TER) in line with the recommendations of the National Curriculum Review Committee.

According to the revised TER, candidates having an Associate Degree in Education (ADE) will be allowed to enroll in the 5th semester or third year of a four-year B.Ed. program.

Similarly, candidates with an Associate Degree in disciplines other than Education or two-year erstwhile BA/BSc degrees (now defunct) shall be admitted in the 5th semester or third year of a four-year B.Ed. program through a bridging semester after completing the deficiency courses (15-18 credit hours) as determined by the admitting university on a case-to-case basis.

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