Laborers Forced to Act Like ‘Murgha’ for Crashing a Wedding

Two laborers were forced to act like murgha (rooster) after they crashed a wedding feast in Chishtian located in Bahawalnagar district, Punjab.

A video of the incident also went viral over social media, attracting severe criticism from the netizens. Many users slammed the culprits for such harsh and humiliating behavior towards the underprivileged.

Reportedly, the underprivileged workers had gone there after failing to meet their ends. However, wedding attendees suspected that the two men were uninvited and subsequently, made them act like a rooster, as a punishment. The laborers begged for mercy from the aggressors as well but to no avail.

Internet users have complained about the fact that wedding feasts always result in a massive volume of leftover food and it is extremely unfortunate that they were not allowed to have a meal.

Rising inflation across the country is a major factor in why people are forced to crash weddings for having a normal meal. It is important that the government takes steps and introduce short-term relief schemes for the working class.

Note: The picture is for illustration purposes only.

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