9 Things You Need to Know If You’re Visiting Dubai for the First Time

Dubai, one of the major tourist hubs in the world, is always among the top destinations on the wish list of many people. A large number of individuals, especially first-timers, perceive it as a place with infinite enjoyment.

However, Dubai and its policies can be extremely strict for some, and breaking those policies or rules can cause extreme problems, including deportation, imprisonment, hefty fines, etc.

It is essential that one knows about everything important, especially for those who are visiting Dubai for the first time. Below is the list of rules and important things that you need to know about Dubai:

1. Loud Music is Illegal

Playing loud music in public is prohibited since it disturbs environmental peace. However, tourists can enjoy indoor music or in their cars, which is completely normal there.

2. Consent Before Taking Someone’s Pictures

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strict laws to ensure the privacy of citizens. If a tourist captures someone else’s pictures without their consent, they can get in trouble. It is also illegal to capture snapshots of military installations, government organizations, and political buildings, for security purposes.

3. Right-Hand Drive and Speed Limit

United Kingdom (UK), Pakistan, India, and any country’s citizens with left-hand drive will face problems in Dubai as vehicles there are driven on the right side of the road. It is important that one is mentally ready before taking their vehicle on the roads in UAE.

As far as the speed limit is concerned, it ranges from 100-140 km/hr on highways.

4. No Drinking While Driving

It is also pertinent to mention here that UAE, including Dubai, has zero tolerance toward drinking alcoholic beverages while driving.

5. Dressing Modestly

UAE, as a whole, follows Islamic values and teachings, which require one to dress modestly. Therefore, those from liberal democracies, are advised to dress modestly in unrevealing clothes, otherwise, they’d be frowned upon by the locals and other Muslim tourists.

Especially in public places such as cafes, transport, and malls, men must wear a shirt, and women must cover their shoulders and knees and not wear something very tight.

However, tourists are allowed to wear shorts as well as a top and a bikini on the beaches and pool areas in the hotels since they are declared “international zones,” with relaxed laws.

6. No Kissing or Cuddling in Public

Intimate acts like kissing or cuddling in public are frowned upon in UAE. Thus, tourists are advised to respect the local culture.

7. No Swearing

Offensive behavior such as swearing, cursing, quarrels, or brawls, can get you imprisoned in UAE.

8. Restricts in Ramadan

Muslims in UAE, including Dubai, observe fast in the holy month of Ramadan. So, tourists from western countries, the US, Australia, and other non-Muslim regions may find it difficult because chewing, eating, or drinking anything in public becomes prohibited.

9. No Casinos

Note here that UAE does not have any casinos and if you spot one there, it is definitely illegal and you must avoid going there.

Published by
Salman Ahmed