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Rs. 100 Murree Shuttle Service Unable to Operate Smoothly

Murree shuttle service inaugurated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was unable to operate regularly due to a lack of cooperation from the Punjab government, the Murree administration, and the transporters.

A report from 24NewSHD TV states that, due to rebellion from transporters, only two buses were able to leave Islamabad for Murree. It was a oneway journey, however, as the report added that the said buses were unable to return to Barakahu.

The report claims that the Murree administration tried to reason with the transporters but failed. The unjustified rebellion of the transporters became a menace for the buses, the passengers, and the general public. Unfortunately, the government is still silent.

The CDA launched the bus service to Murree at just Rs. 100, whereas local transporters charged between Rs. 250 and Rs. 300.

They praised the initiative and urged the Punjab government to direct the Murree administration to combat the transporter mafia.

  • 300 rupees is a fair rate in this economic situation unless CDA itself subsidized the ticket rate.

  • بسوں کا فائدہ تب ہوگا جب مری پہنچ کر لوکل بھی سستی سروس ملے گی جو پورے مری کا چکر لگا کر واپس پہنچے جیسے چیئر لفٹ چلتی ہے ورنہ لوکلز نے اپنے پسنجرز کو لوٹ لوٹ کر برا حال کردینا ہے اورحکومت کا ایک اچھا پلان فیل ہو جانا ہے۔۔۔
    تک جب سروس چلے گی تب رش کم ہوگا ورنہ کاریں GPO
    ذیادہ اکھٹی ہونگی پہاڑ پر۔۔ لوکلز کی ٹیکسیاں اور پک اپ کا بہت ذیادہ رش ہوگا

  • Gpood initiative by Govt of Pakisyany
    The scondrals should be properly dealt with
    Budneiyat transporters

  • میری کے لوگ خود میری نہیں جاتے، آپ کو کیا پڑی ہے وہاں جانے کی

  • This problem is as expected. Due to failure of government to provide services in various industries, private sector had invested and bridged the gap in those sectors. Now whenever and wherever the govt. will start a service, a private sector will be threatened and they will resort to all possible means of sabotage to ensure their monopoly.
    The real question now is of the resolve of the govt. Are they committed to provide services to the people or will they take the easy way out of submitting under pressure.

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