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Honda’s New Automatic Scooter Costs Less Than Suzuki GSX 125

Honda has launched a modern retro scooter in Thailand. Dubbed Scoopy, the new scooter boasts a modern spin on classic Italian scooter design.

In Thailand, Scoopy competes with Yamaha Ego Gear, WMoto ES125i, and Benelli Panarea 125. The scooter is priced between the equivalent of Rs. 345,000 and Rs. 357,000.

While a relatively expensive two-wheeler, Scoopy has some interesting features. It is powered by a 109cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that makes 9 horsepower and 9.3 newton-meters of torque. It has a CVT gearbox and belt drive to the rear wheel. Other features include:

  • Single-pot front disc brake
  • Kick or electric start (depending on the variant)
  • Suspension
    • Telescopic forks on the front wheel
    • Single-sided swingarm at the rear
  • LED projector headlight
  • Smart key
  • Under-seat storage
  • Large storage compartment in the front cowl
  • USB charge port

The scooter is for short journeys only as its fuel tank can only hold 4.2 liters of petrol. The scooter only weighs 95 KG, which will likely make it fuel-efficient and easily maneuverable.

The mopeds are typically targeted toward the female demographic. However, Scoopy’s sporty color options also make it appealing to young men. A pity that it may never come to Pakistan.

  • nice scooter bike well look but fual tank 4,2 leter is very small tank ether wise all is good

  • I think not good for Pakistani environment but bike success depends on low price easy repairing and parts availablety

  • Is it comfortable for bachach patients?
    And what the drive with bachach patients

  • Yes, I carefully read it from every angle. The most populous city in Pakistan is Karachi, where young men and boys prefer Honda vehicles. All Pakistanis also favour Hondas for a variety of reasons, including low fuel costs, simple maintenance, and straightforward purchasing procedures. But the main issue with this motorcycle is that it is intended for women or girls, which means that the Pakistani market is exclusively for men. We rely on a male-dominated economy, while Thailand is a country where women and girls are the majority in the workforce. Because of this, many women and girls there use motorcycles, and Honda noticed their market and economy before introducing its own, believing that it would be best for them to do so.
    We don’t have a work, eradicating feminine society

  • Please dont purchase scooters, their spare parts are not available. The bike owners always tell a lie that their parts are easily available.Totally wastage of hard earned money.

  • Excellent features, self start and can be used by old men
    Less fuel consumption as compared to other bikes.

  • Great for women. Many young girls are now riding bikes but bikes well suit the male anatomy. Scooters like this could be a good solution. 👍

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