Man Reverses His Age By 5 Years With Unique Medical Experiment

Scientists have long been trying to unlock the secret to slowing down and reversing the aging process. While there have been many promising studies and breakthroughs, it can be difficult to truly measure the effects of anti-aging treatments.

However, one man’s recent success in reversing his biological age by at least five years is making headlines and raising eyebrows in the scientific community.

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old biotech entrepreneur, has reduced his biological age by adhering to a data-driven experimental program named “Project Blueprint” that is expected to cost him $2 million yearly.

According to reports, Project Blueprint is led by Oliver Zolman, a 29-year physician who calls himself the “rejuvenation doctor.” More than 30 health experts are on Zolman’s team.

Under the Project Blueprint, Johnson wakes up at 5 AM. He consumes 1,977 calories daily. He takes around two dozen supplements such as lycopene, metformin, turmeric, zinc, and lithium.

He follows a vegan diet which consists of solid and soft food. Besides exercising daily, he performs three high-intensity workouts weekly. Other than this, Johnson undergoes blood tests, MRIs, and colonoscopies monthly.

Johnson’s test results have shown that he has the heart of a 37-year-old, skin of a 28-year-old, the lungs of an 18-year-old, gum inflammation of a 17-year-old, and the erections of a teenager.

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