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No Action Against Illegal Encroachments in Rawalpindi Angers Public: Report

Rawalpindi administration’s negligence of illegal encroachments has drawn the ire of residents. The Punjab Government’s lofty claims about ensuring smooth traffic flow have also become moot amid persistent troubles.

The administration’s policy mandates action against encroachers. However, a survey from The News suggests that the encroachers have made the traffic conditions even more miserable across Rawalpindi.

Areas such as Moti Bazar, Raja Bazar, Circular road China market, bara Bazar, Saddar, Tench Bhatta, etc. have become a nightmare for road users. The surveyees state that the administration’s ignorance is to blame for the ongoing situation. A cart vendor, Jumma Khan told the scribe:

Illegal car parking is regular, even in the presence of traffic cops, creating massive traffic jams and causing accidents while proscribed motorcycles parking around all city shopping centres including the Moti Bazar, Raja Bazar, Circular road China market, bara Bazar, Saddar, Tench Bhatta and other areas of the city and cantonment had made the situation so bad that even a pedestrian or women with children could not move.

The report adds that an official, who requested anonymity, admitted that the authorities collect an illegal ‘monthly fee’ from the vendors to allow the encroachment.

Meanwhile, Sharjeel Mir, President of the Punjab Traders Welfare Association, stated that if the increasing encroachments are not resolved, traders will be forced to close their doors. Mir urged the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to investigate and resolve the long-standing problem before it worsens.

President Moti Bazar Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal urged the city administration and traffic police to play their proper roles in removing encroachment from the city’s busiest roads. He demanded that the government devise a plan to relocate wholesale markets from the city to the proposed ring road to alleviate traffic congestion.

  • All this due toillegal construction of shopping plazas in residence area for last thirty years.Non party democracy system and converted into ruling political system in the last thirty years.This management get wrong to peacefull city I have seen in my life sad…

  • Shop Wala Parking ko Waja Bta rha ha Asal problem shops wala Khud ha Jinhu apni Shops ka samna wala Area rent pa da Rakha ha.

  • I visited raja bazar yesterday and shopkeeper was not letting us park our car infront of his shop saying they to display their goods. We had to speak harshly with him saying that he has to remain in his shop and not to encroach. No doubt its nightmare even for those who are walking

  • I don’t park my car illegally in Saddar because not only is it illegal, but it is also horribly cramped and dangerous to reverse out of, especially at night. And, someone can illegally park behind your illegally parked car, and then you cannot leave.

  • Dear users please highlight this issue in citizen portal and CB care app as that will help the real authorities know what is going on It is your responsibility to share this message on all platform on all platforms

    • Bro citizen portal doesn’t hear u anymore especially in current govt s ruling..
      And cb care is the worst of the worst thing I have ever seen in my life to totally useless

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