Hockey Team Manager Khawaja Junaid Banned for Life by PHF

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has imposed a lifetime ban on former Olympian and national team manager, Khawaja Junaid, after his misconduct during the Asia Cup 2022.

According to the detail, Khawaja Junaid, who was the manager of the Pakistan hockey team during the event, had fielded 12 players in the match against Japan.

As a result of that mistake, two of Pakistan’s goals were disallowed, effectively ending not only their campaign for the Asia Cup but also their chances of qualifying for the World Cup 2023.

Soon after the incident, former PHF Secretary, Asif Bajwa, formed a committee to investigate the matter, but Junaid sent his resignation prior to appearing before the inquiry committee.

The PHF Legal Advisor, Mian Ali Ashfaq, stated that the committee acted by FIH rules and that Junaid will be unable to participate in any hockey activity in the future.

Ali Ashfaq went on to say that misconduct not only ended their chances of qualifying for the World Cup but was also a shameful act for the four-time champions.

“Pakistan faced a lot of embarrassment due to Khawaja Junaid. Due to his misconduct, Pakistan failed to qualify for the World Cup,” said Ashfaq.

The PHF Advisor further added that Khawaja Junaid’s misconduct is unforgivable because he has harmed the national team and tarnished its reputation.

On the other hand, Junaid Khawaja has said that the national coach, Siegfried Aikman, had accepted responsibility for the blunder after the event. Khawaja also said that the then-PHF Secretary, Asif Bajwa, confirmed that the chapter was closed, however, the government-appointed committee has pursued personal vendetta to get him out of the way.

Sources have said that Khawaja Junaid has also provided proof of corruption against Brig. Khalid Sajjad Khokhar to the relevant authorities and is expecting a response soon from the Prime Minister himself in this regard.