Pakistan Could Face a Tea Shortage if Containers Don’t Leave Ports

The Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) has expressed serious concerns over the ongoing situation at ports, where several containers filled with tea remain uncleared.

According to details, PTA Chairman Aman Paracha warned that if letters of credit (LCs) are not opened soon, tea could soon become a rare commodity across the country.

Paracha, who like most Pakistanis is also a tea enthusiast, also emphasized the significance of tea in people’s daily lives. He added that the current issue at the port has left 250 containers loaded with tea stranded, with only a month’s supply left.

To prevent tea from becoming a rare commodity Paracha has urged the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to grant permission for opening LCs for tea.

Paracha warned of serious consequences of disruption in the supply chain. He warned that if action is not taken soon, there could be a steep increase in its price in the coming days.

He also highlighted that the demand for tea in the country is around 250 million kilograms and that the recent devaluation of the PKR has already had an impact, increasing the average cost by nearly Rs. 110 per kilogram.