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95% of Dubai’s Roads Are in Excellent Shape

Dubai’s roads are in outstanding condition, scoring 95% on the Road Pavements Condition Index, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency used hi-tech laser equipment to inspect the condition of roads and sidewalks in the city.

The results showed that 48 highways and main roads as well as 34 internal roads in residential areas were in excellent shape, with only 60 km of roads requiring maintenance.

Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads and Facilities Maintenance, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, said that the assessment’s aim was to evaluate the structural capacity of the roads and determine their remaining lifecycle.

He added that the maintenance of roads had a positive impact on traffic and safety, as 95% of arteries are still in perfect condition. Dubai’s bridges and tunnel construction also scored high, reaching 97%. The bridges and tunnels were examined in accordance with international standards.