Dubai to Develop Air-Conditioned Walking and Cycling Track

Dubai, known for its creative structures and tourist spots, is planning to develop a 93-km long air-conditioned walking and cycling track. Called “The Loop,” it aims to promote a healthy mode of transport in the city and counter climate change.

The city is aiming to achieve a green economy in near future and this new project will connect over 3 million citizens. It will access all key locations in up to a 20-minute walk, reducing the need for using cars and public transport.

The Loop will provide a climate-controlled environment, making cycling and walking easier for people especially in summer when temperatures are nearly 50°C.

Being an environmentally friendly project, The Loop will be powered by 100% renewable energy, use recycled water for irrigation, and also have vertical farms. Below is the map showing the areas covered under this 93-km-long project.

To sum it up, Dubai’s rulers plan to make cycling and walking the main mode of commute for over 80% of residents by 2040. In addition, they also aim to develop high-yield farms in a separate project, by searching for ideal locations and developing the required infrastructure to meet the property sector demand.

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