Dubai Police Makes Major Drug Bust Worth $8.7 Million

Dubai Police made a major drug bust, arresting 28 people of various nationalities for their involvement in 3 separate drug trafficking rings. The gangs were planning to sell 111 kg of drugs, valued at a staggering AED 32 million ($8.7 million).

The seized drugs included a massive 99 kg of Captagon tablets, worth over AED 31 million on their own, along with 12 kg of crystal meth, heroin, and cannabis.

Dubai Police has demonstrated its dedication to keeping the city’s reputation as a safe and secure place for residents and visitors alike. The authorities have categorically stated that drug trafficking will not be tolerated, and those guilty will face the full wrath of the law.

Earlier, Dubai Police issued a warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. In a video statement, the police dubbed CO as a “silent killer” due to being colorless and odorless, making it hard to trace.

CO is mostly emitted from cars, small engines, stoves, fireplaces, and other appliances. When it accumulates indoors, it can be extremely hazardous and may lead to death. To avoid CO poisoning, people are advised to ensure proper ventilation in closed spaces, use locally certified heating and cooling appliances, and install a CO alarm in their homes.

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