Airbnb Co-Founder Donates $25 Million to Malala Education Fund

Malala Yousafzai highlighted the new $25 million gift to the Malala Education Fund made by Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, during a discussion with Julia Chatterley on Cable News Network (CNN). Yousafzai also discussed the need for investment in girls’ education.

During the interview, they addressed the barriers to education that women face across the world. Yousafzai noted that the condition of girls’ education in many areas of the world is worrying, with climate-related calamities such as earthquakes and floods having a significant impact on their academic lives.

She also spoke about the circumstances in Afghanistan, where girls’ education is restricted and women cannot attend school or work. She stressed that this is a loss for the entire globe, not just the women.

Yousafzai also conveyed her gratitude for Gebbia’s donation to the Malala Fund. She stated that she was thrilled when she got a call from him, who inquired about the Malala Fund’s vision.

Yousafzai highlighted that the Malala Fund aims to build a world in which all girls can acquire education and lead, with exposure to 12 years of free and safe education.

She recalled being one of those girls who couldn’t go to school, so she understood how vital it is for them to have an access to educational opportunities.

Yousafzai stressed the need of investing in girls’ education, stating that the Malala Fund collaborates with local education advocates in ten countries, namely Pakistan, India, Turkey Afghanistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Tanzania.

Yousafzai explained that the activists were conducting research, campaigning for girls’ education, and connecting with local communities, especially parents, educators, religious leaders, and local leaders.

She noted that the Malala Fund is actively working with girls via a digital magazine platform called ‘Assembly,’ where they can express themselves and address the everyday issues they have with their education.

Yousafzai argued that the availability of education for girls is not just a human right, but also a means of economic mobility and it should be a top priority for everyone.

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