UAE Reveals 6 Job Types Currently in Practice

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) has revealed 6 job types in United Arab Emirates (UAE) labor market. In a tweet, MoHRE explained the nature and criteria of these types to create awareness regarding working patterns in the country.

MoHRE stated that the law about the job market illustrates several work patterns, aimed at improving the working environment and attracting local and global talent to the private sector.

Here’s the table showing 6 job types in UAE:

Sr. Job Type Description
1. Full-time Working under 1 employer on all working days.
2. Part-time Working for 1 or more employers on specific working hours or days.
3. Temporary Work A project-based work with specified start and completion dates.
4. Flexible Work A job with flexible working hours as per the workload.
5. Remote Work Working remotely.
6. Job Sharing Shared tasks between several employees.

Hybrid Working Model

It’s important to highlight that MoHRE didn’t mention anything about the hybrid working pattern. In this model, a person works from the office as well as remotely, offering a better work-life balance.

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