Emirates Introduces Self-Boarding Smart Gates at Dubai Airport

Emirates, one of the world’s leading airlines, has introduced its latest innovation in air travel, the Self Boarding Smart Gates. These gates are designed to allow passengers to board their flights without any interaction with the crew, making the process super easy.

Passengers simply need to scan their boarding pass to board their flight. The technology uses facial recognition to verify the passenger’s identity and match it with their boarding pass. The process takes only a few seconds.

Currently, Self Boarding Smart Gates are operational only on selected gates in Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport (DXB), but the airline plans to roll out this technology to all gates in the future.

Check-in System ‘Sara’ by Emirates

Earlier, Emirates announced that it will launch the world’s first robotic check-in system, named Sara, at Dubai Airports this year. The system will speak at least six languages, making it accessible to travelers from different countries.

Sara will assist passengers with everything from check-in to hotel bookings, according to Ade Redha, an Emirates spokesperson. He also stated that the needs of travelers keep growing, but the airport remains the same. With the introduction of Sara, Emirates hopes to serve its customers better via technology.

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  • Adel al-Redha is not a spokesperson, he’s Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer. When you can’t even get that fact correct, it’s hard to trust in anything else you report.

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