Pakistan Army Declared as 7th Most Powerful Army in the World

Pakistan Army has been declared as the rising global military power as it now ranks as the 7th most powerful army in the world, according to the Military Strength Rankings 2023.

Pakistan has jumped up eight places within three years as Pakistan Army was ranked as the 15th, 10th, and 9th most powerful army in the world in Military Strength Rankings 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively.

Global Firepower has been publishing Military Strength Rankings since 2006. Each year, it ranks the militaries of all the countries on basis of potential war-making capabilities.

It assigns a ‘PowerIndex’ score to each country after taking into account more than 60 factors. The smaller the PowerIndex value, the higher the country’s fighting capability.

Pakistan with a PowerIndex of 0.1694 fares better than Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Canada. Just like last year, the US, Russia, and China have occupied the top 3 spots this year as well.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 countries on the Global Firepower Index 2023.

Sr. No. Country PowerIndex Rank
1. US 0.0712 1st
2. Russia 0.0714 2nd
3. China 0.0722 3rd
4. India 0.1025 4th
5. UK 0.1435 5th
6. South Korea 0.1505 6th
7. Pakistan 0.1694 7th
8. Japan 0.1711 8th
9. France 0.1848 9th
10. Italy 0.1973 10th

Pakistan’s Performance in Other Rankings

Pakistan’s rankings on various global indexes paint a bleak picture of its current status in terms of development, press freedom, gender equality, and global mobility.

According to the Human Development Index, Pakistan is placed at the 161st position, indicating that there is a long way to go in terms of human development, such as improving education, healthcare, and living standards.

The Press Freedom Index ranks Pakistan at 157th, which suggests a lack of media freedom and protection for journalists, leading to limitations on freedom of expression and the spread of information.

The Global Gender Gap report ranks Pakistan at 145th, indicating the existence of significant gender disparities in areas such as economic participation, education, health, and political representation. These gender disparities often limit women’s full participation in social, economic, and political spheres.

The Passport Index, which ranks countries based on their citizens’ travel freedom, places Pakistan at the 106th position. This implies that Pakistani citizens have limited access to visa-free travel to other countries, which could hinder opportunities for international trade, tourism, and cultural exchange.

Via: Global Firepower

  • That’s a big lie untill their tested prove it.
    We never had explosion in chaghi for atomic bombs but fooled the world by haarp technology

  • Very ‘powerful’. After all which one of the others had the power to crush their own people over and over again?

  • I can write a full article on this topic but I am 100% sure you will not publish it.

    Hopefully you get my point.

      • I have not written the article, dear, but I can. However, it will not be published. And there is no point in writing anything that will not be published.

  • Actually its world’s number 1 army and only army to;
    -run its own businesses
    -allot itself plots and land
    -live in luxury societies while normal people live in poor conditions
    -have never won a war
    -have special quotas in all government departments

    List can go on and on and on…

  • Videos bananay mein bhi number one
    Shame on this Army
    Is Army nay 75 years sa is mulk ko Agay nai bharnay Diya

  • Army chief kehta hai k mera politician se milnay ka kaam nahi
    To Chief sahab business community say bhi milna aap ka kaam nahi

  • Buhat barhi ghalat fehmi may parhy hain ye log.
    Pakistan ki army ki taqat ka andaza zaman park may maojooda situations sy huwa. Bechary bhag nahi skty thy.

  • And 1st most powerful against their own people. Also ranked 1st in land grabbing and corruption.

  • Big lie. They are puppets of US & most corrupt generals. They might be 7th from bottom.

  • Totally rubbish fake ranking american are no 1 absolutely not american army kill thousands of innocent people this ranking is most worst and every country’s army in this list is cruel .

  • What about justice? Poverty! Humanity? Character? Merit? Why do we need so a powerful army when we sucide with kids as parents can’t afford bread? Airplane to defense system imported. Getting arms at the cast of kids’ bread is not a wise idea. Buy bread than a bullet. Dating with hunger or dying with an enemy sword.? The choice is of the army, not us. No army family faces such issues. From milk to health they get free. Martialaw, regime change, zaman park, quaidazam, fatima jinnah, banazeer ,bugtti and so on. Lost very long.

  • I think you forgot to close the comment section.
    Comments are based on reality. Most people will click his topic just to read the comments.

  • They can f*ck off. It’s a rogue army and a bunch of corrupt property dealers. Not an actual army.

  • Pakistan 🇵🇰 is gift Army soldiers are good, general are corrupt and the government, we need to understand the quran and hatihs given by beloved prophet then Pakistan 🇵🇰 could change, other whys be puppy to IMF

  • I have never seen so many comments on ProPakistani article. Pak army is not so Pak.

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