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Peshawar Police to Impound Thousands of Unregistered Bikes

Peshawar has decided to ban thousands of unregistered motorcycles from plying the roads following a rise in thefts and burglaries. The provincial capital’s authorities have pointed out that these bikes are used in most of the crimes.

Going forward, the traffic police will impound all unregistered and unmarked motorcycles throughout the city. The department has warned of strict legal action against unregistered bikes for an extended period of time.

On Sunday, the chief traffic officer, Qamar Hayat, met with motorcycle dealers and others to discuss the ban. He added that meetings would also be held with government agencies and the excise department to ensure the prohibition of unregistered bikes.

The department aims to add all bikes throughout the city to its database. It reckons that the perpetrator using unregistered bikes are insusceptible to being tracked and can vanish from view after committing a crime. The authorities have been asked to adopt a stern stance against the non-compliant parties to ensure law and order in the city.

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