FBR Issues ‘Red Alerts Check List’ for Smuggling Cases Linked With Terror Financing

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a “Red Alerts Check List” for the Counter Terrorism Department for possible linkage of smuggling cases with terrorist financing.

The FBR has notified the “Red Alerts Check List” for the Counter Terrorism Department for determining whether the smuggling cases are linked with terrorist financing or not.

According to the Red Alerts Check List for terrorist financing (TF) linkages, the department has to analyze the following aspects for determining the status of the smuggling cases:

  1. Is the suspect on the 4th Schedule of ATA 1997?
  2. Is the suspect a known associate of a proscribed organization/individual?
  3. Does he have an indirect association with a proscribed Organization/individual?
  4. Is the suspect a UN Designated Individual?
  5. Is there any suspicion about the likely involvement of any of the UN-designated entities/individuals or proscribed organizations/individuals?
  6. Is he suspected to have conducted cash/gold smuggling on behalf of or at the direction of an UN-designated/ domestically proscribed entity or individual?
  7. Is the suspect/accused found on the unilateral sanctions list of countries e,g. US-OFAC, EU, etc.?
  8. Use of cash is not consistent with the individual’s purpose, objective, and state activities?
  9. Is there suspicion about the legitimate source of large amounts of cash/gold?
  10. Was he previously reported to have been involved in any smuggling-related cash or gold?
  11. Is there any Intelligence/tip-off that the currency is being smuggled for an act of terrorism that resulted in the apprehension of the suspect?
  12. Is there any specific or prior information shared by LEAs on the likely involvement of the individual in TF-related aspects?
  13. Is he suspected to be part of any larger cash courier network?
  14. Is there any request with respect to the suspect due to formal mutual legal assistance or informal assistance from local or foreign authorities?
  15. Was the seizure, made earlier, suspected to be used for financing terrorism?