GCU Lahore to Get a New Department Soon

Government College University (GCU), Lahore, has made a significant stride in higher education by introducing the country’s first-ever Department of Global Studies.

This pioneering department, housed within the Institute of History, will offer comprehensive degree programs at the BS, MPhil, and PhD levels.

In light of this development, the Institute of History at GCU will be rebranded as the Institute of Global and Historical Studies, reflecting its expanded vision and emphasis on a global perspective.

The Department of Global Studies has set forth an ambitious mission to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and global outlook required to navigate the complexities of our rapidly evolving world.

Its interdisciplinary curriculum will delve into the intricate interplay of culture, history, politics, economics, technology, and the environment on a global scale.

By embracing a multidisciplinary approach, the department aims to foster critical thinking, promote cross-cultural understanding, and hone effective communication skills among its students.

Moreover, the Department of Global Studies is committed to fostering research collaborations with esteemed international partners and institutions.

These strategic alliances will enable the department to tackle pressing global challenges and contribute to the ever-growing body of knowledge in this field.

By actively engaging in research endeavors, GCU seeks to make meaningful contributions to the global discourse and promote a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships that exist between different regions of the world.

The establishment of the Department of Global Studies at GCU marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s academic landscape.

It reflects the university’s commitment to preparing future leaders, scholars, and global citizens who possess a comprehensive understanding of our interconnected world.

Through its dynamic curriculum, research initiatives, and international collaborations, GCU’s Department of Global Studies aims to shape the minds of students, foster intellectual curiosity, and contribute to a more enlightened and interconnected global society.

  • I am very happy to see the above milestone of my college.
    Muhammad Asif

  • How will the Honourable Sharia Court and the most Honorable CII allow critical thinking and a global outlook?

    • Are you of the view that ‘Critical Thinking’ is prohibited phenomena in our country????

  • How may I join this esteemed study, as I am about 60? Please guide me in this regard. Thanks.

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