CDA Continues Ruthless Anti-Encroachment Drive in Various Sectors of Islamabad

Anti-encroachment operations are being carried out across the city on the direction of Chairman CDA Noor-u- Amin Mengal.

Apart from enforcement Directorate, Islamabad Administration and Islamabad Police, other related departments are participating in the operations. DG Enforcement is supervising the anti-encroachment operations.

According to details, anti-encroachment operations were carried out in various areas on Friday and several constructions and encroachments were cleared of government lands from illegal occupants.

The operation was along IJP Road, G-8, F-8, G-5, I-9 F-6, G-9, G-10, I-8 as well as Rawal Town was also done in which 3 trucks of goods were seized by demolishing several encroachments.

According to details, the operation was started from IJP Road in Islamabad where service road, Chapphar Hotel, sand gravel bases and gutters were demolished.

A similar operation was carried out in front of Sector G-8 Center, which demolished several roofed hotels located on the Green Belt and demolished several fruit stalls. In Sector G-9 and G-10, people occupied government land by fencing outside their plot line.

The anti-encroachment staff took action and removed fences and walls outside the plot line of several houses and got the government land returned. The encroachments in the parking area of Sector F-8 Centre were causing difficulties for citizens to park their cars and in light of public complaints, the encroachments were cleared and seized 1 truck of goods.

While taking action in the outsides of Sector G-5 Nadra Chowk, 1 truck of goods was seized by removing encroachments. Similarly, action was taken against encroachments from market sidewalk and parking area in Sector I-8 and seized 1 truck of goods.

Lehtrar Road where traffic was often blocked due to encroachments. In the light of the CDA administration, the road was opened by removing the encroachments from the road and 1 truck of goods was seized.

The anti-encroachment staff took full action in the rural area Rawal Town of Islam where 16 rooms, 3 washrooms, 3 cattle fences, 3 boundary walls and 2 kitchens were recovered  from government land.

Following the instructions of Chairman CDA Captain Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, a special anti-encroachment squad has been formed even during weekly holidays to continue the operation against encroachments in full swing.

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  • Capt. Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, as Chairman CDA is the first one who is doing this with great courage and enthusiastically not onky for the common people but also trying to beautify this city which is also the capital. We admire his efforts with the core of our hearts and pray for his long life. Finally, I would like to say as usual that please give some attention to those sectors which have been opened long long go and they are occupied by the land mafia and big groups of encounters. Please take notice of D-13 and E-13 sectors which were announced for the Overseas Pakistanis and they waiting their development since long. Thank you very much Mr. Chairman.

  • If CDA cannot see the largest kachi abadi in G12/F12, there is seriously something wrong!! Would like to know the reason for chickening out clearing this area from drug dealers and convicts.

  • Thumbs up for CDA, I hope it will expand its efforts and clears the areas Barri Imam, G-7, F-7, G-12 & F-12 from illegal occupants and evil mongers

  • The name of your online news agency is exactly opposite of what it sounds like . Shame on you for using words like ruthless.. this was a long awaited Operation and CDA must be supported in such courageous work.. I suggest readers to deem you anti-pakistan not pro-pakistan

  • While it’s good to read the actions taken against encroachments, there’s a lot to do more. Every sector needs a clean up operation. Look at all the footpaths in front of shops in the markazs and you’ll find that every where someone has set up stalls thus obstructing the ways of pedestrians. With the increase in population it has become difficult to roam around in the markets.
    I would appreciate if the concerned CDA department can take a round of all markazs and see for themselves the haphazard placements of the stalls in the alleys, parking lots etc.

  • Great job. Federal Capital is fast becoming another distorted city like Karachi with reference to these encroachments and illegal land grabbing. Appreciate.

  • In imran khans government it was zulm thanks god today all are happy on this operation.
    As that time everything is expensive butt know its ok.
    Come to encroachment operation it is very simple to deal wherever you see a stall or anything on the side walk just give the fines to the main shopkeepers they are charging the rent from these people and providing them places outside their showrooms to cover their expenses.
    Other wise from satra meel to fateh jhang if you stay for 10 minute a person will come from shop and tell you move.

  • The encroachments in each & every street of Margalla Town 1&2 have been a constant nuisance and causing difficulties for citizens to park their cars, despite public complaints, the encroachments have not been cleared. CDA to take notice & clear to ease public parking.

  • Well done Sir. I strongly hope that sector G-12 is under control of various Mafias and all sort of criminals are housed in this sector and village Baikha Sydan close to F-11Markez in the mid of sector, is also illegally occupied, will also be got vacated and developed. This action demands immediate attention.

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