UAE Government Launches Its Own ChatGPT-Style AI Tool

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched an AI-powered chatbot called “U-Ask” on its official government portal. The platform serves as a unified chatbot for government services, using generative AI technology.

It allows users to get information on government services in Arabic and English, including service requirements, relevant information as per their preferences, and application links.

Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, stated that the platform contributes to the committee’s goal of advancing the government’s digital efforts.

It helps in integrating projects and improving the efficiency of government systems. Al Roumi emphasized that the UAE government continuously improves its digital system by upgrading infrastructure to provide streamlined services aligned with people’s needs.

Mohamed bin Taliah, Chief of Government Services for the UAE Government, highlighted the user-friendly and flexible access to government services through the chatbot platform.

The U-Ask platform has been designed to handle a wide range of inquiries and requests, from basic information to more complex service-related queries.

It provides comprehensive answers, including essential information and available application methods. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft and PwC Middle East, the platform can offer personalized recommendations and suggestions based on your preferences and previous interactions.

Published by
Salman Ahmed