Sindh Govt to Raise Minimum Monthly Wage to Rs. 32,000

After a recent increase, the minimum monthly wage for laborers in Sindh is expected to be between Rs. 32,000 and Rs. 35,000, as announced by Labor and Human Resources Minister, Saeed Ghani. 

Ghani recognized that low-income and middle-income families have been most affected by the rising prices of essential goods. The province’s minimum wage board is working on recommendations to raise the minimum monthly wage this year.

Sindh was the first province to raise the minimum monthly wage to Rs. 25,000 two years ago. Ghani stated that his department has already implemented some pro-worker measures before announcing the provincial budget for the new fiscal year. 

The death grant for the family of a deceased worker in Sindh has been increased from Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 700,000, and the government’s assistance for a laborer’s daughter’s wedding has been increased from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 200,000.

The assistance provided for each worker’s child’s education has been increased from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000. The amounts of different scholarships offered to their children have also increased. Ghani stated that registered laborers with Benazir Mazdoor Cards will receive free medical care and other essential assistance. 

He reiterated the demand for the Workers Welfare Fund and the Employees Old-age Benefits Institution to be devolved in accordance with the 18th constitutional amendment.

  • Sindh was the first province that announce minimum wages upto 25,000 but there was no implementation of government, no checking qt induatrial area, please don’t make fool, we know that Sindh government just working for his publicity and vote bank and corrupt with no ending corruotion of miniaters in Sindh.
    No governance seen, what we see is corruption of PPP ministers at eveey level. Don’t play with peoples of Sindh

  • Sindh government (PPP) already announced minimum wage 25000.but there was no implementation of this order.
    So this is also white lie,because there is no implementation of law especially in Sindh.

  • We have received less than 25000 in a month… Only announcement… Not any implementation… Let’s see what will happen thereafter
    … Kindly must take a survey after the announcement to check the result of the implementation.

  • Hope they implement the same to their household servants and harees and farmers on their lands.

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