Singing the Tune of Inclusivity: JS Bank’s Employee Engagement Encore

To all the aspiring singers out there, have you ever dreamt of having a stage to yourself and singing your favorite tunes in front of a big audience? For most of us, that is a dream too good to be true. But for JS Bank employees, that dream came to reality as they launched JS Awaz, a first-of-its-kind singing competition, exclusively for bank employees from all across the country.

This initiative took center stage as the bank recognized the power of music to bring people together and foster a deeper connection to our country’s rich heritage in music while celebrating the diversity within the JS Bank family. With the tagline of ‘Suno Junoon ki Awaz’ JS Bank infused its halls with resounding and a renewed sense of unity among its employees.

Speaking of which, the competition was divided into 3 rounds – the first two rounds were auditions leading up to a grand finale.

Participants from across the country auditioned for the competition, showcasing their tremendous singing talent, and the top 5 were shortlisted for the finale. The event took place at the JS Bank office with all employees, participants, and their families as the audience.

The mellow notes of the singing competition not only echoed the values of the bank championed by its top management but also encouraged employees to participate in something that is beyond work, within the office environment.

This competition transcends the confines of daily banking routines, creating an enchanting space where employees’ voices form a collective anthem of devotion. By involving various departments and levels within the bank, the competition revitalized the team spirit and offered a platform for building relationships that cut across traditional boundaries.

Beyond the fun and singing, the competition forms a powerful bridge too as it encourages staff members across all roles and hierarchies to contribute their unique voices, enabling a sense of camaraderie by leaving their positions and authorities at the desks. It also underscores the emphasis on performing in teams and collaborating in harmonious unity.

The grand finale took place after two rounds of auditions, in the presence of the Bank’s leadership. The top 5 participants competed amongst each other and gave their best for the final.

The finalists were from different teams including Operations, Retail Banking, and Branch Banking. Mr. Ali Tafseer, from Branch Banking Operations, took the audience by surprise with his powerhouse of a performance and won the first-ever singing competition arranged by the Bank.

The aim of this initiative was to bring the employees together in a way that spreads cheer, celebrates diversity, and showcases the talented singers in the organization.

In the end, this event wasn’t just about singing; it was about striking a chord within the hearts of everyone. It was about nurturing a culture where work isn’t just work – it’s a symphony of passion, collaboration, and a bit of rock and roll.

This Article is written by Rayyan Jamil.

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