Civil Aviation Authority Set to Split into Two New Organizations

A special nine-member committee has been formed to oversee the split of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), as reported on Saturday by ARY News.

Shazia Rizvi, the Joint Secretary II of the Ministry of Aviation, will head this committee. Vice Air Marshal Taimoor Iqbal will act as deputy of the committee.

According to the notification, Vice Air Marshal Taimoor Iqbal will act as the committee’s deputy. The committee will also include Asif Iqbal, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Aviation; Abdul Malik from the Ministry of Finance; and Nadir Shafiq, the Deputy Director General of Regulatory CAA. 

In addition to the above-mentioned members, the committee will also comprise Commodore Mirza Aamir, who is the President of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board; Saqib Butt, the CAA’s Director of Finance; Sameer Saeed, overseeing Aviation Security; Sadiqul Rahman, the Director of APS; and Abid Ali Shah, the Director of HR at CAA.

The committee has a deadline of 15 October for completing its tasks. The goal of this restructuring is to split the CAA into two new organizations, the Pakistan Airport Authority (PAA) and the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI).

Besides creating these new entities, the committee has the crucial task of transferring assets, funds, employees, records, and even equipment between them.

Via ARY News

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  • Please note now that the PAA (Pakistan Airport Authority) will be headquartered in Islamabad or Lahore and the BASI (Bureau of Air Safety Investigation) in Karachi.

  • Sir , More Government or bigger Goverment we are in economic crunch . May Allah guide and grant these some common sense and stop wasting our tax money. Aameen.

  • Why it has been proposed to split the CAA and if it is decided then what will be the out come of this splitting.Will it be in the best interest of the country or of the cocerned Management.The country went through thousands of poor planned experiments in the last 75 years out of which 98% were badly failed.The reason ,that they were generated for own gain not for the country.

  • I think it is the best decision in order to zooming the weak areas for precise correction and improvement in future.

  • This may lead to downsizing.However, it will bring better opertunities for utallizing the right person at right time at right place.

  • I hold 25 years of experience as a CNS in PAF, this will definitely supplement the relevant field in CAA in such critical occasion.

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