Govt to Establish Corporate Dairy Farm to Bolster Dairy Production

The federal government has decided to establish a corporate dairy farm to bolster the country’s dairy production.

Sources said that the Ministry of National Food Security & Research, on the direction of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), has started work to establish a corporate dairy farm. The officials of the ministry informed the participants about the establishment of a corporate dairy farm in the 5th Executive Committee Meeting on Tuesday.

Under the corporate dairy farm project, the government has a plan of rearing 30,000 dairy animals (Holstein Friesian breed) with a front-load cost of Rs. 71.99 billion to establish a modern dairy farm, a milk processing plant, including cheese, butter, and other allied facilities.

Under this project milk and milk products of around 900,000 litres will be produced every day. The milk and milk products will also be exported to GCC to earn foreign exchange besides improving livelihood by generating employment opportunities for 10,417 persons over a period of more than 10 years.

  • It is not the job of an Army officer or a bureaucrats to run any Cow farming. SIFC is run by top beaurucrats and Army officers. Why they are trying to become businessmen now?

    Army’s job is to stabilize internal and external security and government’s job is to strongly regulate and facilitate the private sector of Pakistan.

  • Hahaha good job, instead of regulating and strengthening this industry, our Govt and Establishment has decided to farm themselves, with the goal of exporting. Now you are paid managers for GCC countries from whom you wish to take 100 billion loan. Of course the land used is of Pakistan, the workers are paid by tax payers money. While the profit will go to…
    Broken system going worse.

  • Runing business(s) by the govt happens only in pakistan. Nowhere in all the developed countries. Let our private sector boost. Or are we trying to prove the unworthiness and disqualification of our private sector. What message will go to the world?
    This model will flourish only corruption, in which we are already self sufficient

  • Great!
    – Next corporate poultry,
    – corporate tannery,
    – corporate shoe making,
    – corporate weaving
    – corporate slaughter houses
    – corporate matrimonial services,
    – corporate ……….. and so on.

    Please add on…..

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum
    This step towards Corporate Diary is a very good proposal to overcome the milk and other diary products shortage compared to the large population. My good wishes in this project.

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