Pakistan to Launch Its Satellite into Moon’s Orbit Soon

In a bid to increase international cooperation, China’s latest lunar expedition, Chang’e 6, will carry payloads from multiple countries, including Pakistan.

The announcement was made by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on social media site Waco. According to CNSA, Chang’e 6 will begin its journey to the moon in the first half of 2024.

Along with Pakistan, the European Space Agency, France and Italy will also be sending their payloads to the moon in collaboration with China. Pakistan’s satellite named CubeSat will be launched into the moon’s orbit.

France will be sending its machinery designed to conduct tests for radioactive gas. The European Space Agency’s Negative Ion Detector and Italy’s Valle Brett Radar System will be carried to the moon by Chang’e 6.

The mission is aimed at collecting samples from various parts of the moon for additional data regarding its age. Unlike the previous missions, which collected near-surface samples from the moon, this mission will be exploring data from the dark side.

Once the Chang’e 6 concludes, China plans to send Chang’e 7 robotic mission to the moon’s south pole. The purpose of this mission will be to hunt for clues of ice. Furthermore, it will also be examining the region’s atmosphere and weather.

The Chang’e missions will conclude with Chang’e 8 mission, with the aim of potentially establishing a research station. In 2013, China became the third country in the world to collect samples from the moon and bring it back to the Earth.

  • As usual lies can be expected from any khattak. Writer is so incompetent to check the facts before writhing the headline.

  • CubeSat is literally a college science fair project nowadays. When are we gonna start thinking bigggg!!!

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