CDA to Use Safe City Cameras for Quick Resolution of Different Issues in Islamabad

In response to the escalating public concerns over cleanliness, sewerage, water crises, and other emerging issues in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated a series of comprehensive actions.

Following increasing complaints from the public, the CDA has secured administrative approval from the Islamabad administration to address the growing challenges.

One notable decision involves obtaining access to Safe City cameras by the CDA. This move aims to enhance monitoring and oversight of sanitation measures, sewerage systems, water supply, and the inspection of manhole covers throughout the city.

CDA members will take the lead in the IT Safe City project, collaborating with private cameras, including Safe City and others, for feed sharing.

The initiative extends beyond monitoring; it includes proactive measures such as the clearance of water on roads and the removal of fallen trees during storms. By prioritizing preemptive actions, the CDA aims to resolve issues before citizens even file complaints.

Additionally, the Safe City cameras will play a pivotal role in controlling and overseeing violations in various centers, ensuring a more responsive and efficient approach to addressing civic concerns.

The CDA will also leverage these cameras for monitoring and controlling activities within the city’s Green Belts, further emphasizing a commitment to comprehensive urban management.

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