1.5 Km Long Illegal Gas Pipeline Discovered in Islamabad

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited’s (SNGPL) task force continued its efforts to curb gas theft in Islamabad and uncovered an illicit gas pipeline stretching 1,500 meters from the village of Japan Road, Kangota Syedan.

A spokesperson for SNGPL reported on Thursday that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has initiated legal actions against those responsible for establishing unauthorized gas networks.

Providing details, the spokesperson mentioned that joint operations involving task force teams and FIA officials were conducted to dismantle an illicit gas pipeline installed in a private housing society near Village Kangota Syedan along Japan Road.

The spokesperson revealed that the illegal gas pipeline, approximately 1,500 meters in length, had been connected to SNGPL’s mainline. Furthermore, the gas facility in the housing society was utilizing this unauthorized pipeline, facilitated by the improper relocation of gas meters.

Emphasizing the resolution of the issue, the spokesperson confirmed that the illegal pipeline has been dismantled into several pieces.

Simultaneously, the unlawfully shifted gas meters have been disconnected from the site. The FIA has commenced legal proceedings against the offenders, marking a decisive step in addressing the situation, he added.

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  • This definitely speaks for mindset of we Pakistani. Unimaginable else where.
    We don’t pay taxes, we break law and steal. Does anyone need proof, the management of the private society and SNGPL should be brought to task.
    I am sure that they will be getting pre arrest bails and so have stay order from court before agencies move.

  • Nothing will happen,as they don’t have guts even to disclose society name ….. Corrupt system, Corrupt masses, Corruption from top to bottom in all society,in every department 😞

  • No gas pipe line could be installed without involvement of SNGPL staff. We have evidence of this corrupt practices of SNGPL.

    • Very True
      The department must catch the corrupt facilitator inside SNGPL and gave him exemplary punishment. If he died/retired hang the body on round about. That’s the only way to deal with corruption.

  • Definitely the SNGPL staff involved, they all must be terminated immediatly, must fined society all those who enjoyed this phenomena. Corrupt system, corrupt judiciary, corrupt departments, corrupt establishment, corrupt politicians……..where we go…….

    • OMG Bhatti SB! corrupt establishment. You are talking about our Pakistani Cow Mata. This smells like May 9th 😉

    • Sir, are we not part of this rotten society and system. It is only the matter of getting opportunity. No one is saint here. Everyone of us is corrupt in respective domain

  • Comission milna bnd ho geya masun mahekmay ko to ub pakarwana he bnta hay takay bhagtay chor ke langote sae wala mahawara fit a jae.

  • officials involved must be terminated without benefits & & their property & accounts be held.
    No any hearings ۔

  • Strange … what is the problem with this soil, that it produces so much corrupt people. This nation is the sons of NS and Zardari and Company. Do check 80% company people must be involved. SNGPL did not know ? CDA did not know ? 1.5 km cannot be put in pocket like a wallet.

    • I agree.it is a 1.5 km huge gas pipeline with connection from main…how could it go unnoticed? All the persons involved should ge given exemplary speedy punishment from top to bottom, with their wealth confiscated…further the report could not even reveal the name of society and for how long this facility was being enjoyed. Where were the hundreds of intermediary organisations when such a huge installation was being set up with ehise authorization?

  • “Choron ko Moar par gaye!”…… Lets see for how long this Pipeline will stay dissconnected….one phone call and it will be re-installed by the same people who dismantled it! Lol.

    • 1500 meters is 1.5 Kilo meters. As per your calculations, 0.15 Km is just 150 meters. There are 1000 meters in one kilometre.

  • The responsible in SNGPL office must also be brought to justice as they also squarely responsible for the illegal connection for to their connivance.

  • Corruption has ruined our economy. All the departments are involved to loot this country because there is no law and justice.

  • WoW
    The illegal gas pipeline was constructed, connected and supplying gas to society but SNGPL found out now
    Must be done through magic otherwise it couldn’t happen

  • These types of Gangs operate under guidelines of the corrupt individuals/ officers of government Departments. This is the way whereby chain / groups of the revenue earning departments including government officers become richer than Pakistan. Also part of funds / loans being received from IMF and others are being stolen by governing offices in the name of commission.

    • SNGPL team accompanied with FIA & police disconnected the illegal Gas Pipelines near Khokhar Bros socienty along the Japan road, Mouza Gangkhotta Syedan (around 1.5 km away from Naval Anchorage Japan road gate).

      – Illegal pipes, Regulators & Reducers disconnected & confiscated by FIA

      – A nefariously designed social media Group for Defaming Naval Anchorage.

  • Ohh 1.5 km pipe, actually it discovered by not maturing the new deal as gas prices Increased by 200% so commission mafia want the commission on new rates that why otherwise nothing will happen

  • This is unbelievable. 1500 meter pipeline on the land could not have been established without collision of SNGC in the capital city. The real benificiars must be identified and punished. Zafar Qureshi

  • Hopefully the gas company will take action against staff involved as it is not possible without their facilitation as it was going on since many years without any notice by the company time to arrest responsible and charge the gas price from the day this society was registered and terminate & arrest the staff responsible if possible

  • We are a land of endless opportunities of corruption and corruption is being done with unbelievable innovative ways of jaw dropping ideas…
    Years of inaction of People at helm of affairs has created human crisis everywhere in this country

  • Area distribution manager is accountable, without involvment of company staff this not possible, as it is happening in karachi in case of K electric.

  • This much dareness to extend such a long Illegal Gss Line with out tge collaboration of Ministerof Gas Petrolium , Seretrary of Deptt of Gas Petrolium and Local Chief Engineer XEN , SDOs, Meter Readers and others of the area concerned…
    Who is going to ask these influencias who might gave tsken million..billions in kick backs and to repaypay the losses incurred to people of Pakistan

  • 100% sure that there would be some political victimisation behind the matter. People linked to the said line were already paying monthly to SNGPL & the Authorities were also lying in peaceful rest.
    Now suddenly lines, meters and everything declared illegal and removed out. What a stupid fun play is being played with Pakistani public.

  • Cannot happen so without corrupt employees of SNGP
    These distribution companies must be privatized

  • The gas authorities and private society shall be brought to justice without fail. Such theft of resources is unacceptable besides hike in gas tariff

  • No one is involved except SNGPL officer’s and other staff. They are Very used to it. It’s SNGPL routine to get handsome money.

  • punishment is required for this illegal connection to stop more violence but in this senior officials are also involved

  • شرطیہ کسی ممبر اسمبلی یا سینٹ کے پالے ہوئے مافیا کا کارنامہ ہے یہ اور شاید کچھ اور طاقتور بھی شامل ہوں

  • خیر ایس این جی پی ایل سٹاف اور ان کی مینجمنٹ کی ملی بھگت کے ایسا ممکن ہی نہیں ہے یہ خود ملک کی جڑیں اکھاڑنے والے ہیں جو اقتدار میں بیٹھے ہیں

  • I live in this society, Situated on Japan Road, Islamabad.

    1 – The meters are issued by SNGPL and they put the line into whole society

    2 – The Line is less than 1Kms not 1.5 kms, its just a small society middle class people. The bill paid by the houses/people reach to government, Is this corruption?

    3 – Definitely they paid the SNGPL workers for the work, if you put legal application for gas it takes 20-25 years and still your cannot guarantee the connection. The court issed stay noticed within a day after this operation, how it would be possible if all is illegal?

    4 – SNGL team only cut 20-30 meter line, they just want a praise, why they don’t reveled the name of people and society, everyone in there is corrupt. Why media was not allowed to visit?

    5 – Few people come to check the gas connection couple of months ago, all they wanted to make a deal.

  • How it is possible to insert a 1500 meter pipe and use it for stealing gas without the consent of staff of the gas company . FIA and gas company are attempting cosmetically; theft of gas cannot be controlled. Burden of theft is on unfortunate people of Pakistan. Better to stop measures which are just eye wash.

  • The big names in our govt circles must be a part of this gang who have limited our country by different means..Y ou will see that they won’t be caught because of their influence and bribing the investigating corrupt officials..

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