PTA Asks Nayatel, PTCL, Zong and Telenor to Resolve Bandwidth Dispute Within 3 Days

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed PTCL, Zong, Telenor, and Nayatel to resolve their bandwidth dispute within 3 business days.

This comes after Nayatel submitted a complaint against PTCL alleging that the telecom giant was not advertising Nayatel’s IP addresses through CMPak (Zong) and Telenor.

Nayatel says that it discontinued getting bandwidth directly from PTCL due to high prices. It instead started buying the internet bandwidth from China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak/Zong) and Telenor which in principle bought internet backbone capacity from PTCL and were authorized under PTA law to resell to other licensees.

Nayatel says that buying bandwidth from CMPak and Telenor was cheaper than getting it from PTCL directly. However, while doing so, PTCL allegedly blocked Nayatel IPs from getting through its network.

Nayatel alleges that PTCL was selling bandwidth to other cable operators (who don’t pay any taxes etc) at around $0.5 per Mbits per month, compared to a much costlier rate of $1.50 per Mbits/month offered to Nayatel. Zong was willing to sell it cheap at around $1.0 per Mbits/month.

Despite repeated requests, PTCL refused to permit Nayatel traffic to pass through its network, obstructing the company from buying bandwidth at competitive prices.

“In this regard, PTCL, Zong and Telenor are directed to get their issue resolved on priority and submit a point-wise response against the complaint of Nayatel to PTA within three (03) working days of issuance of this letter,”

  • As usual, PTCl is still enjoying the corrupt method.
    It’s corrupt officials involved to get more haram money.

  • So this explains why Nayatel has been so inconsistent in terms of service lately. Ridiculous behaviour by PTCL considering they operate 4 of the 7 submarine cables connecting Pak to the rest of the world.

    We need more Tier 1 operators ASAP.

    • Do you live in USA???!!! We are one of the extremely poor corrupted nations on this Earth so there is no such luxurious ASAP facility available to us in any field in Pakistan

  • The PTCL wants to operate as a monopoly. The Competition Commission of Pakistan should get involved and take action against PTCL.

  • It’s all about bandwidth capacity of we dig down into situation Naya tel is asking for perks which zong and telenor are enjoying as they are consuming larger bandwidth as compared to Naya tel in my opinion if naya tel need to come on same scale or commitment which in my opinion they cant that why they are getting higher rates

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