Mohsin Naqvi Wants to Give Control of PCB to Bureaucrats

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Chairman, Mohsin Naqvi, recently assumed the responsibility of leading the organization for three years.

Ever since his appointment, the board has started to move in a different direction.

Along with PCB, Naqvi is also handling the affairs of the Punjab government as the caretaker Chief Minister (CM), although that tenure is about to end.

According to a report which quoted a source, Naqvi expressed the intention to bring his team to the board, for which, the services of three bureaucrats have been obtained on deputation from the Punjab government for two years.

These include Lieutenant (Retd) Sohail Ashraf from the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) along with officers from the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), Irtiza Komail and Zain Asim.

There is a possibility of assigning a significant post to Lieutenant (Retd) Sohail Ashraf, though it can’t be the ‘CEO’ position because it isn’t included in the organization’s constitution.

Now either the constitution will have to be amended or the CEO’s post will be given another name such as MD.

The possibility of dismissing several officers has also increased, causing concern among PCB employees.

Published by
Faiz Ahmed