Google Chrome’s New Update Lets it Better Guess What You’re Searching While Typing

Chrome is introducing updates aimed at enhancing your search experience, ensuring it’s more seamless and intuitive than ever before.

With these updates, Chrome anticipates your search queries even before you begin typing in the search box, presenting you with relevant suggestions based on your past searches. For instance, if you’ve recently searched for home decor items such as curtains, you can now expect to encounter visual recommendations for related items like furniture, artwork, and more, the next time you’re contemplating what to search for.

Google Chrome Update

This is not exactly a new feature as Google has been working on the concept for almost 4 years now. A similar feature called “People also search for” has been in development since 202, but Google has now refined it further with more development and improvements. This makes the feature feel more personalized than before.

This feature will not be affected by a poor internet connection either as Google ensures that suggestions will show up even with a lagging connection since the feature now has improved on-device capabilities. This is because it works by downloading a compact, read-only model of popular search suggestions based on your locations. This data is stored directly on your device so it is ready to use and works seamlessly even with a spotty connection.

Google says that Chrome will bring these smart suggestions even in Incognito mode, where no suggestions are offered, meaning you can still make use of this feature without compromising privacy.

Speaking of which, Google has recently admitted that Chrome’s Incognito Mode still tracks you and explicitly mentions it too when you launch a private browsing tab. The search engine giant had to pay billions to settle a court case over this matter.

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