Sehri and Iftar Time Today in Pakistan – 4th April 2024

With Ramadan already underway, Pakistan is immersed in the cherished customs of sehri and iftar, marking the holy month with devotion and celebration. Each day begins before dawn as families gather for sehri, sharing a meal that sustains them throughout the day’s fast.

Traditional dishes such as parathas, fruits, and dates adorn the tables, creating a sense of unity and anticipation. As the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms with the call to prayer, beckoning believers to break their fast with iftar.

Markets buzz with activity as people gather ingredients for elaborate meals, while others eagerly await the communal iftar gatherings in mosques and homes. From savory delights like pakoras and samosas to refreshing drinks like Rooh Afza, iftar spreads cater to diverse palates and preferences.

Beyond the culinary delights, Ramadan in Pakistan is a time of spiritual reflection and charitable giving. Communities come together to support those in need, embodying the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines the month. As the days progress, the nation’s collective devotion strengthens, fostering a sense of solidarity and unity among its people.

In Pakistan, Ramadan is more than just a religious observance; it is a time of renewal, connection, and gratitude, enriching the cultural tapestry of the nation with its timeless traditions.

Following are the sehri and iftar times across major cities of the country:

24th Ramadan – 4th April 2024

City Sehri Time Today Iftar Time Today
Islamabad/Rawalpindi 4:27 AM 6:31 PM
Lahore 4:25 AM 6:24 PM
Karachi 5:04 AM 6:50 PM
Peshawar 4:32 AM 6:37 PM
Quetta 4:57 AM 6:52 PM
Faisalabad 4:31 AM 6:29 PM
Multan 4:39 AM 6:35 PM
Bahawalpur 4:39 AM 6:33 PM
Gujranwala 4:30 AM 6:30 PM
Hyderabad 4:58 AM 6:45 PM
Sukkur 4:53 AM 6:44 PM

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