AJK Govt Announces New Electricity Rates, Reduces Flour Price

The Azad Kashmir government has released a notification outlining new electricity rates. According to the notification, the price of electricity is set at 3 rupees per unit for usage of up to 100 units.

For consumption between 100 to 300 units, the rate is set at 5 rupees per unit, while for usage exceeding 300 units, the rate has been set at 6 rupees per unit.

The government also announced an electricity tariff for the commercial consumers of the province. According to the notification, for commercial electricity consumption, the rate has been set at 10 rupees per unit for usage of up to 300 units. For consumption exceeding 300 units, the rate is set at 15 rupees per unit.

Moreover, the Azad Kashmir Food Department has reduced the price of 40 kg flour by 1100 rupees. As a result, 20 kg of flour will now be available for 1000 rupees in Azad Kashmir.

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  • What about Karachities? We are the stumb of Pakistan and here the protected k electric person is paying 8 Rs per unit until 100 units and 11 till 200 units and un protected customers are paying from 25 to 37 Rs! This is the slap on all Karachities. Pay with your sweat and blood for the subsidy of whole Pakistan. I am a Punjabi by race and born in Karachi. Karachi is my first and last love but this betrayal by the governments is not acceptable

    • @Reality Konsay Haqooq?. Farmer of Punjab and Sindh is growing wheat and AJK residents wants a massive discount on Wheat?. Also why they want almost Free electricity?. Why a resident of Punjab and Sindh has to pay them subsidy. AJK has not contributed any money to build any dam. Also the water of River Sindh and River Jhelum is not originating from AJK.
      This is not some Haq. This is badmaashi of AJK. Basically they are charging rent to live with Pakistan.

      • Are you a complete imbecile? River Jhelum enters Pakistan through AJK. How dumb you have to be to mess that up? Had you not skipped tenth grade, you would’ve known that the second largest dam, Mangla Dam (which I have to specify since you’re probably too stupid to figure that out by yourself), is situated at Jhelum River in the Mirpur District of “Azad Kashmir”. In fact, the Jhang district, which is one of the largest wheat producing districts in the province, is located along the Jhelum River (a river which enters Pakistan through AJK).
        A lively nation that has stood against the brutal prices and taxes imposed upon them by the illegitimate government and you are condemning them. The audacity of you to say this is their ‘badmaashi’! Do not blame them for you cowardice to stand up for your rights. This type of attitude is what deprives a nation of their rights. If you have a problem with the alleged subsidy that Sindh and Punjab will have to pay, protest against the government, not against the people.

  • The AJK govt should reduce it’s expenses to make up for this rightfully snatched concessions.

  • Meanwhile in real Pakistan, commercial unit rate is around Rs.100 compared to Rs.15 and domestic rate is around Rs. 50 compared to Rs.6. Wheat flour is Rs. 130 compared to Rs.50. Come on!

  • Electricity Rs. 15 upto 300 units for AJK, for rest of Pakistan it is Rs 50.
    Flour for AJK now Rs 500 for 10kg, for rest of Pakistan is Rs 1500.
    I think situation in AJK was drawing so much attention that they had no option but to succumb to whatever demands.

  • Biased decision. What is the issue with Pakistanis who are paying much more for everything. NCP cars are at major stake in AJK. Pakistanis cannot buy land there. Racism is at peak.

    • Listen buddy! Instead of being jealous of their accomplishment, why don’t you learn from them & stand up for your rights as they did? And for your kind information, this is not racism (which you would’ve known had you given some attention to your studies).

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