Punjab’s New “Dastak Doorstep Services” App Delivers Govt Documents to Your Home

The Punjab government has launched a new mobile application to facilitate citizens by letting them acquire key documents at home. The app is called “Dastak – Doorstep Services” on Google Play Store, but is being marketed as “Maryam ki Dastak”. It is yet to launch on iOS.

Use The Correct App

Note that there are two very similar apps on the Play Store. One is called “Dastak Facilitator” which has been sitting on the app store for over a year now and only works in Lahore (according to the reviews). That one is made by the Punjab IT Board.

The newer version is called Dastak – Doorstep Services, as mentioned earlier. This one lets you select multiple cities in Punjab including Faisalabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, and several others, though it remains to be seen how well it works in all these cities since there are no reviews yet.

How it Works

The application lets you acquire a variety of government documents at home such as birth/death certificates, domicile certificates, marriage certificates, e-stamping services, new motor vehicle registration, and many others. You will simply need to provide the necessary items required to request these documents such as passport-size photos, CNIC, and application forms.

A government agent or third-party facilitator will show up to your house to take the necessary items and charge a delivery fee of Rs. 1200. If everything is intact, your government document will be processed and delivered back to you within 9 days.

You Can Earn Money Too

Speaking of third-party facilitators, anyone can sign up to provide these services to citizens at home and earn a commission for it. You can simply sign up through the other app mentioned before called “Dastak Facilitator“. It may only work in Lahore at the moment.

Here are the eligibility criteria for becoming a facilitator.

Do try the app for yourself and let us know your experience in the comments. The install link is provided in the first paragraph.

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  • If after submitting the request, hard copy is required to be submitted through their agent, what is online then? How long a person will wait for a facilitator agent to arrive? Doesn’t it seem to be a useless app?

    • the facilitator will submit your CNIC/passport photos/application forms etc to the government offices and provide you with the govt document once it’s processed. you don’t have to go to govt offices yourself

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