Budget 2024-25

Private Schools Association Rejects 2024-25 Budget

The All Pakistan Private Schools & Colleges Association has expressed serious concerns about the government’s neglect of the private education sector and has rejected the federal budget for 2024-25.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Dr. Malik Abrar Hussain, the central president of the association, lamented the lack of relief for the private education sector in the budget, despite its significant role in educating millions of Pakistani children.

Hussain pointed out that the budget failed to provide any relief to religious Madrassas and did not increase government employee salaries in line with inflation. He criticized the government for demonstrating an anti-education stance by neglecting private education.

Hussain also noted the disappointment in the religious community due to the lack of allocated funds for the development and improvement of religious schools, which offer free food, accommodation, and religious education to millions of children. He accused the government of incompetence, particularly targeting the finance minister.



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Rija Sohaib