IESCO Introduces New Billing System for Electricity Users

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has introduced a ‘Pro-rata’ billing system to ensure 100% accurate meter readings for customer convenience. The Pro-rata system charges consumers based on a 30-31-day cycle, according to an IESCO spokesperson in a recent statement.

The spokesperson explained that IESCO continuously monitors to guarantee accurate meter readings through the Pro-rata system, which aligns meter readings with the days of the month.

The Pro-rata billing system is designed to benefit customers directly. During winter, the number of protected consumers increases due to lower electricity consumption; in summer, the number decreases because of higher consumption.

The spokesperson also mentioned that due to the Eid-ul-Adha holidays, the billing for a batch from June 24 was impacted, but adjustments were made to ensure it covered less than 30 days to avoid inconvenience for customers.



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  • No no,the current system of variable tariffs is good.fuel cost adjustment,surge charge,additional surcharge,rate slab charges,17% gst,3% electricity duty,TVL fee,fixed charges,Late pay surcharge waiver .but these aren’t enough.please add withhold tax,FED,IJK/FATA charges,income tax+revenue charges+super tax+tajir scheme charges(for solar customers),Tou surcharge+peak and off peak additional charges for 3 phase consumers.meter rent 200(single phase) 500(three phase) per month and lastly Nepra commission 30%.Sorry I only remember these few taxes out of 100+.add more as you like.

    • There should be no taxes simple electricity price simple if i spent 300 units i should be charged with 32 rs per unit. Govt taxes have ruined electricity companies. PTV fee should be collected from other channels not from us.

  • proved catastrophic for me. my reading of 197 units has been raised to 203 making me unprotected consumer. By virtue of this prorata, 3 units addition to my bill has enhanced rate of electricity for 200 units for the next 6 months and these 3 units will cost me around Rs 30000. Patheitc

  • pro rata billing system already lahore main fail ho chuka ha…pro rata system main bohat faults hain jis ki wajha se logoon ky bill bohat zayda aye hain…aur yha billing system estimate base ha so kindly is gareeb qoom per kisi kisam ka koi new tajurba na karain..old billing system hi thk ha

  • Put it simply, you DISCOS are looters in every sense. Consumes unlimited electricity and unlimited perks for your bid corruptocrates and find out ways to loot more and more.

  • The pro rata system is used where accurate results cannot be achieved. The pro rata system is an approximation of results based on variable data. The accurate is already in use that is “the meter reader collecting and recording actual meter reading”.
    Who the ignorant writer is ?? Awaam ko c*** samjha hua hai ??

  • sbsy zeada bill IESCO recover kr ra ha plz khuda k ab ghreeb awam ko or tang na kren fuzul k tex khtm kren or is qom py rehm kren

  • Khuda bearha gharaq karey wapda ka or tairaf bananey waloon ka or wazarat bijli pani ka jo jo iss haram zadagi main shamil hae us ka

  • I do not, and I repeat do not, trust anyone and any move associated with the Power sector in this country. Their sole objective is to lead a luxurious life, enjoy millions of free units, torture the people through constant loadsheddings on one pretext or the other, continue to add more taxes and overheads in the bills so that people continue to pay on their behalf for their luxuries. Those in power who can take notice of such criminalities have shut their eyes and tied their tongues because they themselves are beneficiaries of such a criminal system. Believe me or not, nothing is going to change here till those who suffer get united and express themselves with one voice. Half a dozen or so readers writing on such forums have no significance whatsoever because those at the helm of affairs have left the task of reading the news to their Naib Qasids.

  • Sorry to say that Prorata is ideally based on concept to gain maximum from consumers this is absolutely based on new concept of corruption.
    Govt itself based on corrupt elected political members with corrupt mind to pass bill in NA and Senate session
    This is all bullshit Pakistan must need revolution against present system like Srilanka peoples did with their elected members same to be done now with immediate effect.

  • یہ پروٹیکٹڈ نان پروٹیکٹڈ تقسیم بلکل فضول ہے۔صرف استعمال شدہ یونٹس کا بل ہونا چاہئے ہر ایک کی سلیب کے مطابق۔یہ 6 ماہ والا چکر بلکل فضول اور ناجائز ہے

  • پرو ریٹا سسٹم کرپشن کا جدید طریقہ ھے۔ اگر تیس دنون کی بلنگ کرنی ھے تو میٹر ریڈنگ کو تیسویں دن ھی یقینی بنائیں کم یا زیادہ دنوں کی ریڈنگ صرف بد نیتی اور بد دیانتی ھی ھو سکتی ھے۔ میرے میٹر کی پورے تیس دنوں کی میٹر ریڈنگ پر پروریٹا لگا کر بے ایمانی سے 196 یونٹ کو 203 کردیا گیا ھے اور یہ اکثر ھوا ھے۔ یہ کیسے ھو سکتا ھے واپڈا ملازم نیک نیتہ اور ایماندار سے کام کرے۔

    • ایک مہینہ پرو ریٹا کیا جس کی وجہ سے اگلے مہینے 4 یونٹ زیادہ ہونے کی وجہ سے بل 5000 زیادہ آیا.
      اس سے بہتر ہے میٹر کٹوا کر سولر لگوا لیا جائے

  • Intehai ghatya system. If 31st occurs on Sunday …they LL read the meter on 28 or 29 AUR Baki dino ki average Nikal ke bill bhejdein ge. Ku Bhai…agle 2 din hum Ghar hi na ho to?.

  • It is for all stake holders. Don’t drag this country toward crash. We are heading toward crash at very high velocity. In near future there will be no electricity, not natural gas and no Dollars to buy them from outside. The public’s pockets will be empty so, no tax for governments to run. We are a failed nation. This country is already bank corrupt.

  • CM punjab gave a huge lollipop to N supporters by increasing bills rather than giving free units.

  • Another system based on incompetent management of IESCO.
    They will start charging without reading meters based on past consumption.
    So people will pay for not unconsummed electricity.

    Did they get the system approved by NEPRA an other incompetent authority.

  • Why using rata meta prota data system just send the number of units and per units rate jab hum salary pr tax de chukay phir is pr konsa tax matlb konsay taxes ??????

  • Crores of lanat on wapda and praying to Allah subhantalla blast thi state electricity and we will able to return in 19s

  • Tax filer who r already paying thousands of rupees in taxes ,shld provide a card or NIC ma hee tax filer ka specific number ho so that they have not to pay thousands of more taxes in billing,shopping, grocery items nd much more they r paying extra taxes

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