ISI Can Now Officially Listen to Phone Calls, Check WhatsApp Messages and More

The federal cabinet has authorized the officers of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) not ranking below grade 18 to intercept calls and messages or to trace calls through any telecommunication system.

Sources told ProPakistani this has been communicated in the form of an SRO 1005(I)2024 dated July 8, 2024, by the Ministry of IT and Telecom as envisaged under Section 54 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996.

The SRO said the federal government has approved this in the interest of national security and for apprehending any offense.

As anyone can expect, the ability to trace calls and messages is included in this authorization. Sources said this gives the intelligence agency full authority to record communications from multiple apps like WhatsApp.

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  • How? Meta already told us and even showed a tagline during calls: “End to End Encrypted.”

  • How It is possible that whatsapp call recorded its end to end encrypted and their msgs are also encrypted paskitan have no access of whatsapp servers.

    • Ewein msges nhi prhne waley tmhare,
      Koi itna vela nhi hota

      Agr koi Criminal activity huwi toh kreinge wo bhi kisi specific bnde pe sbke nhi

    • Mehwish This is not First time in Pakistan…. They already doing this unacceptable Privacy violation.

    • Facing it for more than 17 years ….. Due to a personal revenge… It was already here…. Not a new thing…..

  • Let’s be a credible source of information and not publish an article based on forwarded msgs on WhatsApp.
    WhatsApp message and calls are encrypted from your phone till the end user’s phone. So in between, there is no way for anyone to intercept anything. Even if they had access to the WhatsApp servers, it would still not be possible.
    The only way I see it is that if they are allowed to install a spyware somehow on the user’s phone, yes, then this would be possible.

  • What is the guarantee that they will not use this information for personal gains or for any blackmailing purposes?. We all know that this powerful group is involved in many businesses and blackmailing tactics. They now have a free hand to read any personal information and this information can be used for the malicious intent as well.

  • A govt who formed on the basis of Form-47, clearly indicate the meaning of such steps authorize to do such act clarify the motive of people behind this political engineering.
    They are always above the law, and will rule as long as they want.

  • This is vloation of privacy
    Pakistan is not any good country now
    The first country that is allowed to read Whatsapp messages that claims to be end to end encrypted
    This is also clear evidence of meta to prove that Whatsapp is not end to end encrypted
    I am already giving this Whatsapp information to international Media
    Let’s see after this how Whatsapp remains no 1st chat app now
    Telegram already have lead even it is not e2ee

  • No big deal , every country does it secretly or openly. Stop worrying about things that you can’t do anything about.

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