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Cakes are Overrated, Especially Chocolate Cake!

One of the saddest realities of our life is the fact that some things are unacceptably overrated. And they will continue to be glorified. Usually, these things are subjective but for me, it’s chocolate cake that tops the list. Just can’t stand chocolate being destroyed and converted into something so atrocious. We live in a world where taste is highly subjective and you can never know for sure if something is actually worth it or is just overhyped or overrated.

Professor Henry Brubaker from the Institute of Studies, UK, states, “Britain exists in a perpetual cake frenzy, and is now a baking-based economy. The cake however is really just a type of sugary bread livened up with extras like icing or raisins. You even need a drink with cake so that it doesn’t stick in your throat. A decent bread and butter pudding hands-down beats the shit out of any cake ever made. ”

I wish I could disagree but I just can’t. It makes no sense to me.

Reading comments on the internet, I came across a cake fan. It seemed like cake was very important to this person. She mentioned, “Cake is pretty much the only thing I emotionally respond to. The main aim of my life is acquiring cake and consuming it. I can watch news footage of death and destruction with complete impassivity, yet be moved to tears by a nice creamy cake with all bits of chocolate on it”.

Man, this sounds so intense and so insane.

I am just fed up of cakes, figuratively and literally too. I personally prefer things that are sweet yet small and not dry. Once I had a chocolate cake that was so dry I thought I was going to choke to death. Thank God I had a bottle of water nearby. I feel scarred for life now. Whenever I have chocolate cake, I make sure that I have something to drink close to me too.

Chocolate cake takes away the essence of actual chocolate. The royal satin texture that melts in your mouth when you take a bite and the creaminess it leaves behind. Perfectly splendid. 95% of the chocolate cakes are either too dry or either too crumbly. If not, the cake is literally overloaded with some sort of frosting, either whipped or buttercream, or is undercooked to the point that you can’t tell if it’s raw or just disgusting. Just because you like chocolate and cake doesn’t mean they go together well.

Anyway, for future, I want you to mark your calendars because for every birthday coming, you will have to convince someone that chocolate cake isn’t worth the hype when there are a bunch of other dessert options that need exploration. Do it for love. Do it for all the little kids who need better and exciting things to be a part of their lives. Do it, just do it for the sake of doing things. Sometimes the smallest of things have the biggest impact.

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