Ferrero Rocher Manchurian leaves food enthusiasts shocked

Ferrero Rocher Manchurian Leaves Netizens Disgusted

Food combinations and food fusions can be appreciated only as long as they don’t compromise the sanctity of a certain food. It has become clear that people have gone a little overboard with their obsession to create new food combinations. A completely disgusting combination recently emerged on the internet and people can’t contain their anger and disapproval. “Ferrer Rocher Manchurian” has left the foodies shocked! The picture shared on Twitter by ‘@thatdoggonelady’ shows Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls immersed in Manchurian gravy. To the surprise and disgust of many foodies, this Ferrero Rocher gravy is topped with garlic and green onions to give it a classic Chinese flavor. If you don’t pay attention, the photo almost looks like regular Manchurian. However, one of the chocolate balls is cracked open, revealing the nutty chocolate.

Reaction On The Photo

Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

Individually, both Ferrero Rocher and Chinese Manchurian are foods that hold a special place in peoples’ hearts. This combination has ruined these foods for most foodies and that is the reason for the rage that the foodies clearly expressed in the comments. Nobody can imagine the havoc of mixing the crunchy taste of chocolate with a sour and savory Manchurian flavor. No decent human can come up with this combination and then have the nerve to share it on the internet.

Chocolate Manchurian

‘@thatdoggonelady’ captioned the photo “Here to annoy you with a photo of the nicest thing I’ve found online. Enjoy!”. This clearly was a sarcastic statement because the photo or this combination is anything but nice. People obviously had some outrageous views regarding this picture including “I need to un-see this :/” and “another pandemic”. After the negative comments and responses that the user received, a photo of an assortment of sweets was posted, probably as compensation. But did it do much to calm the chaos? We can’t say yes. Making up with any other picture is not going to ease the pain that the food enthusiasts feel right now.

Coming up with food combinations has recently become a trend. As interesting as it is, this trend can also sometimes become mortifying for the emotions of foodies around the world. The biggest setback is that these food combinations mostly include some of the most loved food items. And that is what’s intolerable for some people. The picture of Ferrero Rocher Manchurian will surely haunt the foodies for a long time.

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