Strange food combinations that Pakistanis are obsessed with

Strange Food Combinations That Pakistanis Are Obsessed With

Desis are known to come up with the perfect food pairings. Some amazing breakfast lunch, dinner, and snack combinations that Pakistanis are fond of are truly delicious. This includes the world-famous “chai biscuit” as well as “paratha achar” which live in the hearts of many. While many of the food combinations are truly lavish and worth dying for, there are others that make absolutely no sense. When it comes to food, a desi heart can surprise you with what it wants. Pakistanis enjoy some strange food combinations that are more offensive than delicious. While many will find these pairings delectable, they are hard to comprehend for some of us. Let me introduce you to some of the strangest desi food pairings that you will ever come across.

Fruit Chaat & Pakora

strange food combinations

We can all guess why and how this food combination originated. Fruit chaat and pakora are the two main iftar items in Pakistan and we have often seen people combining the two delicacies. While it may be normal for some people, not many can endure the combined taste of fresh juicy fruits with a savory fried snack. The people who combine these two foods clearly have little or no respect for both, pakora, and fruit chaat. I say you brace yourself for this one because this is something that you will come across often. This combination is possibly the most popular of all the strange food combinations.

Ketchup & Egg

ketchup and egg

Eggs are something that we have been forced to eat all our life. Meanwhile, ketchup has always been a solution to all our food problems. And this is probably how this weird match originated. Most people like to eat fried eggs or boiled eggs with ketchup because they haven’t been able to develop a taste for eggs. In addition to that, people who are completely okay with the taste of eggs also enjoy this combination and we can’t tell why. Omelet with ketchup is actually bearable, but fried egg or boiled egg with ketchup is a hard pass!

Nehari & Chawal

nehari and chawal

This combination might not be “too surprising” for many people however, for those who truly value the individual tastes of nihari and rice, this combination is absurd. Messing with the tastes of both nihari and chawal, by combining the two sure is risky. Nehari is soul food for many and is supposed to be eaten with naan. On the other hand, rice is to be eaten alone or with raita. If you see someone pouring the flavorful, rich nihari over aromatic pulao or biriyani, don’t be surprised. We have informed you of this injustice beforehand.

Paaye & Chawal

strange food combinations

The true fans of paaye will surely cringe at this combination. Eating paaye with a spoon is an insult in itself. However, there are some people who enjoy combining paaye with rice and eating the two together. People seem to enjoy paaye with boiled rice, pulao, or biriyani, and even thinking about it is nauseating. This combination is something that you are most likely to come across in a desi household. Do you want a tip to keep yourself from puking? Just don’t look at their plate and you can spare yourself from the pain.

Kabab & Jam

kabab and jam

Another unbelievable combination that Pakistanis are fond of is kabab, particularly Shami kabab and jam. Kabab and ketchup have always been the star of evening teatime, but never could we guess what came next. This combination is definitely not for the weak-hearted. Combining the sweet fruity jelly with fried meaty kabab seems like a devil’s idea but guess we’ll have to live with it. Desis enjoy this combination mostly for their breakfast when they have toast along with jam AND kabab. It is as painful to see as it sounds.

Writing down these strange food combinations was a challenge in itself as it is impossible to refrain from imagining these foods. If you know any other desi food combinations that are weirder than these, feel free to share your pain.

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