Masala dosa ice cream rolls leave the netizens enraged

Masala Dosa Ice Cream Rolls Leave The Netizens Enraged

The experimentation that food has had to face in recent times is unbelievable. After every few days, you will see a weird food trend that would haunt you for days. We are all familiar with dosa and so is the case with ice cream, but ever heard of masala dosa ice cream rolls? Well, if you have not, I say you brace yourself for this bizarre food combination that will leave you mentally and emotionally crippled. The never-ending food experiments leave us at the mercy of this weird food fusion that no sane person can stand.

masala dosa ice cream rolls

Dosa lovers could never have imagined their favorite food rolled into an ice cream however, a street vendor in Delhi did just that. This food experiment has left dosa fans completely shocked. Both the ice cream fans and dosa fans are totally disgusted after watching this video.

The Viral Video Of Dosa Ice Cream Rolls

The video is shared on social media by thegreatindianfoodie. The chef is seen taking some portion of dosa and chopping it into small pieces. After doing that, he takes a fair amount of vanilla ice cream and adds it on top of the dosa chunks. The chef then mixes these ingredients properly and makes a paste out of them. This odd mixture is then spread out on the freezer and is then shaped into ice cream rolls. This tragedy does not end here. The man further garnishes these dosa ice cream rolls with masala topping. Furthermore, sambar, and spicy chutney are poured all over it. We can only pity the person who ate it.

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This clip has several views and has received almost 20,000 likes on Instagram. The caption says, “Delhi ka special masala dosa ice cream”. However, foodies don’t find anything special in it (except of course the “special insanity”). People are just left wondering who, in their right mind would want to try this odd food combination. The fury of food lovers is expressed very clearly in the comments below this post. Despite the rising objections from people, the trend of weird combinations does not seem to stop. The weird food combinations have clearly followed us into 2022 as well.

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