Chow Mein Gol Gappas - A patience test for foodies

Chow Mein Gol Gappas – Another Patience Test From The World Of Food Combinations

Desis’ love for gol gappas does not need any special justification or a special mention. The immense love for gol gappas that Indians and Pakistanis have has led to many gol gappa fusions in the past. People keep coming up with innovations in a recipe until it gets out of hand and that is exactly what happened recently in Lucknow, India. A street vendor in Lucknow offended thousands of foodies by serving “Chow Mein Gol Gappas”. A viral video has shown this absurd fusion and it has left many food lovers horrified.

The Preparation Of Chow Mein Gol Gappas

Chow Mein Gol Gappas

The video shows that the chef is adding chickpeas, potatoes, some masala powders, and sauce into the gol gappa. Just after that, he surprisingly adds Chow Mein on the top. The street vendor then continues and further adds curd and some coriander leaves. Last, he has the audacity to serve this weird gol gappa with a chutney. The video was shared by RJ Rohan who captioned it “Hello Friends Ulti karlo. Tag your gol gappa friend”. This video received 56.5k views and several comments. It was clear from the comments that most of the people were “disgusted” with this bizarre combination.

Gol Gappas have gone through a lot, and this feels like the last nail in the coffin as the people are simply outraged. The days when pineapple pizza raised the most long-lasting debates are being missed now. This is clearly because people have recently gone over the board with the weird food combinations. While it may be interesting and entertaining for some, it is a real challenge for those who are passionate about food.

After the video went viral, many gol gappa and Chow Mein fans were left heartbroken and taken aback. People feel that eating gol gappas is never going to be the same again, and neither is Chow Mein going to taste good any longer.

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