Home delivery vs. dine-in | Which is the better choice?

Home Delivery Vs. Dine In? What’s Better

If you are a real foodie, having this debate in the first place might just sound absurd and unnecessary to you. Like why do we even need to compare two situations when both the situations involve “food”. The mere presence of food shall end this debate because food is capable of bringing peace and love to the world. However, this analysis might come in handy when you and your friends can’t agree on one of the two options. “Scientifically”, there is a difference between eating food at home and dining out at a restaurant. Also, (APPARENTLY) the place where we’re having food determines the eating experience to a great extent. So, let’s just put this on paper once and for all, compare home delivery vs. dine-in, and try to logically process our thoughts.

The Ambiance Factor – Major Factor To Consider While Comparing Home Delivery Vs. Dine-In

home delivery vs. dine-in

A study conducted in 2004 found that ambiance substantially influences the eating choice and the food intake of customers. This just sounds unbelievable right? The factors like temperature, sound, physical and social surroundings, smell (which mainly includes the aroma of the food), and lighting determine the experience that we have while eating food. Now a restaurant will try its best to consider all these factors and make sure that everything is up to the mark. However, this is not the case when you get food delivered at home.

On the other hand, you might tend to eat less at a crowded place because you have to be all sophisticated. There is a chance that you will consume double the amount of the same food at home. Because eating alone or in the company of 3 or 4 close friends is more comfortable.

Personalized Service At Restaurants

personalized service

The best thing about dining out is that you are treated like royals. The royal treatment starts right as you enter the restaurant because you are greeted with a friendly and welcoming face. The next thing you know, your order is noted, and the food is served fresh and hot. Without lifting a finger, all the food is set up in front of you. All you have to do is eat. Want something else? Just ask away. The service quality might be convincing enough to ALWAYS prefer dining out over home delivery. Being humans, we love it when we are treated nicely. So, dining out might be the sole choice for most foodies.

The Convenience Of Home Delivery

food delivery

Home delivery, the miracle that can make every sleepover or slumber party a hundred times better must be given its due credit. It is without a doubt that home delivery makes life easier (and more beautiful of course). Getting food delivered at home has its own perks and benefits that are difficult to ignore. You are not always in a mood to dine out. Sometimes you just want to be alone, binge watch Netflix and binge eat junk and for that, home delivery is a heavenly option. Also, since many fancy restaurants have started delivering food at home, you have more food delivery options rather than just pizza. So, bonus points for that.

One thing that you should be cautious of is that once you start getting your food delivered at home, you will find it difficult to dine out EVER AGAIN. Because home delivery is addictive. It does some serious alteration to your mind which makes eating at home the only feasible option. This is a serious factor to consider while comparing home delivery vs. dine-in.

The Difference In Quality Of Food

home delivery vs. dine-in

While this is a great failure on the part of the restaurant, it is a known fact that food served at the restaurant is better quality than the food delivered at home by that very restaurant. There can be many reasons as to why this happens. However, the main reason for this is that the restaurant avoids immediate criticism and is less careful when the criticism might take longer to rise. Some people also complain about incomplete order deliveries, where you don’t receive everything that you ordered. Now when you’re at a restaurant, these issues can be solved within minutes if not seconds. But home delivery makes it impossible to solve these issues that quickly. This is the reason why eating out might be a better option than getting your food delivered at home.

The above-listed facts mainly highlight the pros and cons of both, home delivery vs. dine-in. Both these options come with their benefits and losses however, the damage seems to be lesser in case of eating out. This in no way means that I am not a fan of home deliveries. The truth is that there are more risks associated with home deliveries than there are with dining in restaurants. That being said, the choice is entirely yours!

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