How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are still struggling to find the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies, this article is for you. The trick isn’t in the ingredients but rather in the entire process. With a number of compliments from many friends and family members, I am 100% sure you will fall in love with my recipe too. You wanna know a little secret? Cornstarch and chilled cookie dough. These two make the cookies extra soft and extra thick!

I believe chocolate chip cookies are every household’s favorite. An ageless classic, sometimes cold, sometimes warm, sometimes dunked in milk, sometimes in dough form, and mostly in baked form. Truly an unparalleled snack.

I am sure that you might have searched for the perfect recipe for years. I, too, searched for years and years till one day I stumbled upon the perfect chocolate chip recipe. I kid you not, I baked for years, tried more than 40 recipes, burnt my dough, tested, and retested over and over again. And now, I have happy tears while I am typing this for you guys. I have finally found the perfect recipe.

So, without further games, let’s find out.

1. Butter

Instead of using oil, start with butter. Please please please, use room temperature butter. This way, you can soften it quickly without ruining its texture. I’d recommend that set out the butter 1-2 hours before you being the entire process.

2. Using a mix of Sugars

Once the butter softens, take brown sugar, white sugar, and butter and cream them together. The purpose of this step is to aerate butter so that cookies turn out extremely soft. White sugar is great for spreading the cookies whereas brown sugar yields perfect and soft cookies. And in case you want your cookies to be flavorful and chewier, just add more brown sugar than white.

3. Dark Brown Sugar

Do you know light and dark brown sugar are used interchangeably in most of the recipes. Although both work great for the recipe, I personally recommend that you use dark brown sugar because it holds more flavor and molasses.

4. Add Eggs, Vanilla extract, and cornstarch

Eggs add richness and structure to cookies, vanilla extract cancels the smell of eggs and adds flavor whereas cornstarch, the star ingredient of this recipe, gives the cookies an extra lift and makes them extremely soft. You will also need to add Maida, salt, and baking powder/baking soda.

5. Chill the Cookie Dough

If you want your chocolate chip cookies to be thick, I’d recommend that you chill your cookie dough for at least 2 hours. Do you know what will make or break the recipe? Chilling the cookie dough. Yep. The more chilled the dough, the less the cookie dough will spread.

6. Bring on the chocolate chips

Add chocolate chips to the top as soon as the cookies come out of the oven. They will melt right on top and the sight is so pretty. There is no such thing as too many chocolate chip cookies.

Although there is no such thing as perfect after trying out these tricks, you will believe that there really is.


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