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Pickles are Nauseating!!

Before I start venting my hatred for pickles, do you even know what a pickle is? I am sure that you do. I’m 100% sure. But what if you are a Martian? Do you know what a pickle is? I am sure you don’t. So anyway, a pickle can be any vegetable or fruit kept in the brine solution of vinegar. Most pickles you eat are often fermented first so that good bacteria dissolve the natural sugar content of fruits or vegetables. This gives pickle its sour taste.

Pickles Smell Terrible and There is No Other Way to Put it!

Whenever I smell pickles, not on purpose, of course, it makes me extremely nauseous. Something about it is extremely off. It’s like that one person who smells so bad but doesn’t realize it. Even then, you can give that person a deodorant, but what about pickles? How do you make them smell better? Or less bad? Or just bearable.

Although we, Pakistanis don’t have a specific way of eating pickles. We have it with food, we have it when we want to have something different or when we have just accepted that we are bottom-line crazy.

It’s not just the fact that I can’t smell pickles, I can’t even stand people eating pickles. The sight is just so disturbing. Makes me want to vomit. Think about it, you take a big bite of the pickle and all the juice comes out. And instead of gagging, you are enjoying it. I have one rule, “Food should either be crunchy or slurpy. It should never be both.” And pickles, they go against all rules. And my willpower to live.

Sometimes I feel like I am okay being the weird desi-burger girl who is too cool to have pickles. I don’t think I am too burger to have pickles or too cool but if someone is going to make me eat pickles, I’d rather be the weird girl than the girl who wants to prove people wrong that she isn’t who you think she is. 

Nutritional Composition of Pickles:

One-cup of store-bought pickles have 17-34 calories depending on the fruit or vegetable. It has zero fat, 3.7 g carbohydrates, Fiber 1.6 g, Sugar 1.9 g, Protein 0.9 g, Potassium 4% DV, Calcium 6% DV, Cholesterol 0 g, and 1,251 grams of Sodium. That’s right. It is double the daily recommended amount of sodium intake. It might be as harmful to you as it might be for someone concerned about their blood pressure or any other chronic condition.

If you like having pickles, medical experts suggest that you choose the one that has been through the fermentation process. It is a lot healthier than the other ones.

Healthy ones:

You can’t reduce the concentration of sodium in pickles, but you can choose the one that has the lowest composition. It might take a while to find the healthiest option but it’s always better to take precautionary steps beforehand.

There is no denying the fact that pickle also helps soothe your muscle pain, helps you stay hydrated, is extremely cost-friendly, fat-free, might help you lose weight, and contains anti-oxidants, etc.

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