Pineapple Pizza - A savior or disgrace to humanity?

Pineapple Pizza – A savior or disgrace to humanity?

Pineapple on Pizza – A food choice that divided the world

Is pineapple a tolerable topping on pizza?

This question stirred one of the most heated arguments in the history of mankind (Not literally though). Some people are amazed by the idea of pineapples on pizzas and then some people would rather stay hungry than eat pineapple on pizza.

Several memes started circulating on the internet when people started labeling 2020 as pineapple on pizza year.

But a very important question arises,

Why is it so controversial and where did it even come from?

The pizza we know today is nothing like the original pizza dish from the 18th century. It was created in Naples, Italy.

As we take our biryani very seriously, Italians take their pizza very seriously, particularly in Naples. The original recipe is protected by the EU since 2009 against any falsification and misuse of production methods. But surprisingly, the idea of pineapple on pizza wasn’t an experiment by Italians. Although it’s commonly known as Hawaiian pizza, ironically, it’s did not even come from the famous US state of Hawaii. But rather, it was made in Canada by a Greek immigrant, Sam Panopoulos.

Soon after, the dish became a hit because of the combination of the sweet and savory element in one single bite.

Although this combination was originally experimented in Canada, soon after, it became famous in the North and then eventually, the world.

A survey carried out in 2017 found out that 82% of the population that was surveyed actually liked pineapple. Only 41% liked the idea of pineapple on pizza whereas 59% were disgusted by the idea of pineapple on pizza.

I think by now you have realized that the biggest debate of the 20th century revolves around pizza. I don’t think anyone disagrees that pizza is wonderful. It’s perfect for movie nights and family reunions. You can have it any time of the day without the fear of being judged because come on, it’s pizza. But another question arises,

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Well honestly, if you have tried it you probably know the answer to it. The world is divided by pineapple on pizza. People either love it or hate it entirely. Let’s have a look at both sides of this argument and end this debate once and for all.

On one end of the spectrum, people love pineapples on pizza. When asked, they mentioned that they find the balance of sweet and salty very attractive. When the sweetness of pineapple gets mixed with salty meat, tomato sauce, and cheese, it’s like a match that is made in heaven. Plus, it’s some different and unique. Everyone has tried salty pizza combos but it’s the sweetness that makes the cut for pineapple pizza lovers.

On the other end of the spectrum, people hate the idea of pineapple on pizza. Out of several reasons, the most common one includes it being messy. Also, for me, the texture doesn’t go well together and I’d rather get my usual pepperoni pizza than experiment with anything different anymore.

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