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Pizza Is Overrated. Once You Have Had One Slice, You’ve had ‘Em All, No Matter the Topping

Is this picture mouthwatering to you? Maybe if you hadn’t eaten in the last 24 hours, sure. Otherwise, please. NO THANK YOU.

Most probably I am in the minority with this philosophy. Well, not actually philosophy. But you get it, right? Especially when you are from Islamabad and you realize that our city has more than 100 pizza places. Crazy. Islamabad has 8 zones and every zone has more than 10 pizza places. It’s not even that good. I don’t understand how it became a comfort food. How is it even comforting people? If anything, it’s nothing but calories. I’d rather have anda paratha.

Well, to begin with, it’s just bread that has been glorified more than it deserves because it is topped with cheese. And a little sauce. That’s it. Next time you look at a pizza slice, look longer. It’s just dough and cheese. Sometimes it is topped with different sauces. Nothing fancy. It does not even have a divine slash special recipe if you ask me. Give your kid some dough, cheese, and sauce, even he/she will be able to make without ruining its already weird taste.

And even its flavors are absurd now. Chicken tikka? Buffalo chicken? Mac n cheese pizza? I’d rather have all of these alone than on top of a pizza.

When I think about it, I realize that the main appeal to pizza has never been taste but rather, ease. Well, sometimes people don’t want to cook after having a long day at work and it’s understandable. It’s easy, doesn’t break the budget, and simple. Almost no effort. Or when you have a lot of people hanging out at your place, pizza is the universal answer.

Between being accessible and easy on the pocket, we have placed pizza on the pedestal. We don’t always need to order pizza, for the reason I began with: it’s overrated.

Besides it being over-hyped, what actually is its nutritional value?

As you see in the image above, sodium is present in a very high concentration. And you think that it’s good news for the heart? Hell no. I only thing I think is acceptable about pizza is that it is low in carbs, very low actually. I am no medical expert here but I think pizza is relatively a healthy option for people who are working out, as a post-workout option.

Honestly, the nutritional composition isn’t as bad as I made it sound in the beginning. There are worse food options available but dude, there are better options available as well.

I am sure when my friends and family will read this article, a beating is coming my way. But someone had to say it. And it had to be me.

Pizza is just a disappointing box of lies. It is overhyped, bland, and unhealthy; a literal puddle of grease. It’s just a big NO.

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