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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Grocery Stores in Islamabad to Stock Up for Ramadan

There are a bunch of grocery stores in Islamabad but finding the right one that is light on the pocket and is close to you is often a challenge. When it comes to grocery stores, it’s often hard to find the best stores that have great product value or have great produce.

Covid-19 has changed the nature of grocery shopping since March of 2020. Uncertainty has led to anxious shoppers hoard supplies. Of course, grocery shopping hasn’t stopped but the nature of shopping has certainly changed. The act of buying will never stop but how we buy has and will certainly evolve more.

With Ramadan already here, you must shop all vital items without paying extra bucks. For this purpose, the top 5-budget friendly grocery places are listed in this article.

1. Metro Cash and Carry (Islamabad)

What I love about Metro is the fact that it’s a nice mix between a market and a supermarket. I always find whatever product I am looking for without having to visit any other store. Metro’s freezer section is unmatched. Metro focuses on customer comfort and ease. It’s easy to find everything under one roof. You can find vegetables, fruits, meat, electronics, crockery, clothes, shoes, literally everything under one big roof.

2. Imtiaz (Islamabad & Rawalpindi)

With more than 15 branches in 6 different cities of Pakistan, Imtiaz Superstore has been a pioneer in the retail industry of Pakistan. Imtiaz aims to provide the best shopping experience to its customers. The products provided aren’t just affordable but super fresh. I find the food section pretty attractive for the price point. You can get any food item whether it’s a salad or pasta under 300 rupees. Imtiaz is reasonably priced as compared to any other grocery store in Islamabad.

3. Al-Fateh (Islamabad)

When it comes to a great environment, amazing deals, attentive staff, and all-under-one-roof-criteria, Al-Fateh has it all. From fruits and vegetables to perfumes, makeup, clothes, electronics, Al-Fateh makes sure that you have an amazing experience every month. Al-Fateh always has amazing deals going on that lets you save money and lets you make your grocery experience less hectic.

4. Save Mart (Islamabad & Rawalpindi)

Located in several areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, save mart has the motto, “Grocery for people, not for profit”.  If you want your grocery items to be locally sourced, and organic, save mart is the best place to go. It is extremely reasonable and has a huge variety of products to choose from. Prices are great and there are always a bunch of deals going on.

5. Punjab Cash and Carry (Islamabad and Rawalpindi)

Well, I wouldn’t say that Punjab Cash and Carry is the best but it does the job. If you want to find basic items, it’s the right place. It’s not the kind of grocery store that gets you excited but it’s the kind of grocery store that does the job well.



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