What is Coca-Cola actually made of?

What is Coca-Cola actually made of?

That’s the thing about scientific research, scientists keep on discovering new things about drugs including the benefits and risks associated with overusing/misusing them. These discoveries play a very huge role in how these drugs are used and consumed throughout the world. For instance, did you know Coca-Cola had cocaine as one of the key ingredients in the original recipe. Crazy, right?

Our favorite drink’s history has been documented accurately since the beginning. In 1885, Cola-cola was invented by John Pemberton, a very famous pharmacist from Georgia. His formula consisted of cocaine that was extracted from coca leaf and caffeine that was extracted from kola nut. Hence the name, Coca-Cola (Coca – From Coca Leaf; Cola – from Kola Nut).

So why was it okay to use cocaine in Coca Cola back then? It’s because in 1800s, cocaine was legal and was used widely in medicines. Thus, using it in small amounts wasn’t hazardous to human health.

Coca-Cola – A Medicine?

When John invented Coca-cola back in 1800s, he advertised the drink as a patent medicine. He was certain that it’s affective for treating fatigue, upset stomach and headaches. He labelled the drink as an intellectual beverage and brain tonic.

Then – Cocaine had to be eliminated from the ingredients

Then gradually, the amount of cocaine was reduced from coke overtime and finally removed all-together in 1929. This was done in US when alcohol was illegal; probably around prohibition period/era. Soon after, it became a famous soft drink; a substitute to hard liquor.

Coca-Cola Now!

  • Sugar – Coke’s classic taste comes from no other secret ingredient than sugar. Two other variants, coca-cola zero sugar and diet are two very famous zero sugar variants.
  • Carbonated water – 90% of coke’s composition is water. The magical fizz part is purified carbon dioxide that is added to make bubbles.
  • Caffeine – Although I am so used to coke that I don’t find it bitter at all but the slight bitterness in the overall taste comes from caffeine.
  • Caramel color – Coke has its own characteristic color. This color comes from caramel that is made specifically for Coca-Cola.
  • Phosphoric Acid – The sharpness in coke’s taste comes from the use of phosphoric acid.
  • Natural flavors – The secret part about coke’s formula is the perfect blend of natural flavors. This part is extremely important and makes coke stand out in a room full of soft drinks.

The exact formula for present Coca-Cola is kept in a vault, much like Colonel Sanders’ 11 herbs and spices, and may be seen at Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola. The real recipe is only known by two workers, and they are not permitted to travel together.

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